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🔰 At the end of last September, CNN selected top five "must-visit" travel destinations in Asia in by the end of 2018, including Phu Quoc Island in Kien Giang, Vietnam.
🏝️ Going to Phu Quoc Island, besides popular activities such as bathing & watching the sunset on the long beach, playing in Sao beach, visiting the fishing village and pepper garden,
🌅🏊‍♀️ an activity "not to be missed" when coming here is to Snorkeling and explore the most beautiful island south of Phu Quoc ❄️❄️❄️

💪 There are 12 spots for snorkeling and 17 hard and soft types of corals and various sea anemones. The area consists of 16 large and small islands, of which the most famous islands are 5 beautiful and unspoiled islands: Thom island (Pineapple island), Fingernail island, Gam ghi island (Dam Ngang island), May Rut Trong and May Rut Ngoai islands.
Pineappe island - The largest and widest island in the list of islands here - is also the last stop of the longest cable coach crossing over the sea in the world.
The famous Fingernail island is comparable to Maldives because of its beautiful and unspoilded beaches.
✅ Shady green coconut trees, swings and hammocks on 2 islands of May rut has turned it into a "true paradise".
Gam ghi island, also known as "dam ngang", is called the coral kingdom; you just face down into the water to see the coral and colorful fish swimming in front of your eyes. Water here is 1 to 2 meters deep so those who do not know how to swim are able to dive, including children, but you should be followed and guided to ensure safety.

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🕣 8:30am Pick you up at the hotel.
🕤 9:30am When we arrive at An Thoi Harbor, the manager will welcome and arrange us to to board the canoe. Find your seat, wear a life jacket.

🕙 10:00am The first destination is May rut trong island, Newly arrived tourists will be impressed by the beauty of it: clear blue water offering view to the bottom, unspoiled beach and fine white sand. On the island, there is only one seafood selling point and the rest is selling beverages.
May rut trong island also has the longest beach among the five most beautiful islands.

😍 After going to the island for about 30 minutes, fishing enthusiasts will be taken to go fishing by canoe and all your booty will be cooked and enjoyed in may rut ngoai island. Those who do not go will stay in the island.

🕦 11:30 It takes only 2 minutes to get to May rut ngoai island. This island is quite unspoiled and associated with the island Princess Bay Yen; the beach is small but it is extreamely beautiful with clear and blue water.

✅ You will have lunch on the island with a eight-dish menu prepared by Rooty Trip including: Soup, Grilled oysters with onions, Grilled shrimp, grilled fish, seafood fried noodles, fried eggs rice and fruit desserts.

➡️ You can have self-sufficient lunch on the island and you will be deducted VND 250,000 per person. Fingernail Island and May rut ngoai island are selling a variety of seafood dishes, but please note that however the price is quite expensive.
😍 Especially, the island has shady coconut trees and swaying hammocks for you to take a nap and enjoy the fresh air of the sea breeze. This is also the island that admin like most.

🕜 13:30 To continue your trip, you will come to Gam ghi island (dam ngang island), Canoe drivers will provide equipment for Snorkkeling, including diving glasses, snorkel, life jacket and hole shoes as well as guiding tourists how to use and diving notes.

✅ You should travel to the island at this time because it will be more deserted; you can enjoy diving and exploring 17 types of hard and soft corals and various sea anemones, rocks and colorful fishes swimming.

🕒 15:00 The last destination is Mong tay island - the famous and well-known island with comparison of the Maldives of Vietnam.
✅ However, currently the island is no longer unspoiled and its beauty fade because the islanders have built more sales points.

😍 You should go to Mong tay island in the late afternoon because there will be fewer people, so the small beach will not be occupied by Canoes.

🕓 15:45 You board the canoe which goes slowly to come back to the port and watch16 small islands and the peace and quiet of the sea here.

😍 Tourists get off the canoe and board the waiting coach back to the hotel to finish one-day trip with full of excitement and experience, "especially for those who go to the island for first time.

Note: Schedules may be changed according to weather to create the best experience for the tourists.

The duration of the shared tour is fixed from 8h30 to 16h daily; if you want to take a tour with self-selected time and special requirements, please choose Rooty Trip's VIP tour for the best service. Please see this link:

(VIP TOUR is best choice for group of more than 4 people)

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Bởi: Chris Slingman

The best Trip in Phu Quoc with this Company and our Guide Miss Tien. Very beauiful islands.


Bởi: Jessica Hines

Good value for money!! Paid half the price we would booking through a resort or agency, for a private tour through 4 islands. She even organised a taxi to get to and from the harbour for a much lesser cost. Snorkeling gear is supplied only need cash for drinks & food as cards aren’t accepted on the islands. Had an awesome day!!


Bởi: Marek Zelinka

Once we were on Phu Quoc we were looking for a private boat that could take us to see the An Thoi islands - thankfully we found Rooty. Everything was smoothly arranged via Facebook Messenger. The boat owner approached us before the main gate of An Thoi village harbor and took us to a different (a little secret, but very authentic) part of the harbor where we boarded the boat. He took us to four islands and a comercial protected snorkeling area (most of the big commercial tour providers will take you only to two islands). We could stay on each island as long as we wanted - when we saw everything, we just told him to go and so we did. Everything was for a very reasonable price - we were on the boat alone and we paid the same amount of money like other two Czech guys we met, but they were with other six people on the boat. If we come back to Phu Quoc, we will definitely use Rooty’s services and visit the area again.

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