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👮 Rooty Trip's staff including more than 20 people, with the strengths of 100% locals, are extremely experienced, "friendly and enthusiastic" sailors.
💪 Several key members: Mrs Tien, Mr Giang, Mr The, Mr Xuan, etc.

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🏝️ Phu Quoc Island not only has Long beach, Sao beach, Fishing Village and Gieng Tien, but also is very famous for a system of 16 extremely beautiful and unspoiled islands. The island has 17 different kinds of hard and soft corals and sea anemones ❄️❄️❄️
This is a great condition for yachting and offshore activities.
✈️ Travel to the island, please spend one day with Rooty Trip to snorkeling and explore four of these 16 paradise islands: 

✅ Visiting, playing and participating in outdoor activities on 4/5 most beautiful islands including: Pineapple island, Mong Tay island, May Rut Trong and Ngoai islands, and Gam Ghi island (dam ngang).
✅ Snorkeling at the two most beautiful destinations: Snorkeling in small islands are so thick and so beautiful that you just face down into the water to see the coral and colorful fish swimming in front of your eyes.
✅ 1 pit stop to go fishing

Lịch trình tour

Unlike other regular trip, your trip with Rooty Trip will be free to choose time and schedule according to actual experience.
➡️ Therefore, you can enjoy your meals and have fun with friends and family on any island you want without having to worry about time limits or places. However, with experience at sea and long-term customer service, Rooty Trip still offers "recommended schedule" below for your reference. ⤵️
8:30 Pick tourists up at the hotel,

9:30 Arrive at An Thoi port, board the Cano and start your island journey.

9:45 Arrive in May rut trong island, the island has the longest beach among the 4 islands here; you should come in the morning to have more comfort and amusement space.

The service on the island is also better than the other 4 islands.
✅ Tourists are free to swim, take pictures, relax and participate in activities on the island.

11:00 Cano takes you to may rut ngoai island, the first impression on this island is that it is quite unspoiled; the beach is not large but the water is light blue and clear.

In particular, the island has a very large resort with tables, chairs and hammocks swaying under the green coconut trees.

✅ Tourists will have lunch here with a eight-dish menu prepared by Rooty Trip including: Soup, Grilled oysters with onions, Grilled shrimp, grilled fish, seafood fried noodles, fried eggs rice and fruit desserts.

➡️ Or you can be have meal by yourself on the island with a variety of seafood, however the price is quite higher than on the big island.
Rooty Trip will deduct for you if the group is self-sufficient in lunch.
13:30 Tourists will go to Gam Ghi island (or also known as hon dam ngang); everyone will be fully equipped with tools and protective gear for Snorkeling, including diving glasses, snorkel and dive waterproof hole shoes. The Canoe driver will guide you in detail and diving notes.

✅ You should visit to the island at this time because it will be more deserted; you can enjoy diving and exploring 17 types of hard and soft corals and various sea anemones, rocks and colorful fishes swimming.

15:00 You move to the last destination, fingernail island - a famous island and well-known for a long time. However, this island has narrow beach; you should come here at late afternoon when there will be fewer people.

At this time, the small beach will not be occupied by canoes.
16:00 Canoe takes you to the port; the tourists board the coach back to the hotel to finish the interesting trip.
This is a recommended schedule. When going on tour, you should speak out your expectations & requirements to be advised by our local tour guide to have a pleasant and the best trip.


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Bảng giá chi tiết

Selling price is only VND 3,400,000 vnd (148 usd) for a Private boat trip, applicable to for a group of 2 people. Only surcharge from VND 50,000 (3 usd) to VND 200,000 (9 usd) when traveling in larger numbers.


📛 Get a discount of VND 250,000 (11 usd) per person when you choose a self-sufficient lunch package.
📛 Get a minimize discount of VND 700,000 (31 usd) if you do not need a pickup service (tourists are self-sufficient to go to An Thoi port).
📛 Children under 5 years old will be free; children between 5 and 9 years old will be charged half of the ticket and children of 10 years or older will charge the ticket as an adult.

✅ You can choose a full-service tour like this with at a cheaper price to "suitable for small groups of people".

Please see shared canoe tour at this link:


Dịch vụ

🏷️ The Private speed boat trip has included ALL activities & services:

✅ Travel through 12 islands and visit 4/5 the most beautiful and farthest islands (Pineapple island, Fingernail island, May rut trong island, May rut ngoai island and Gam ghi island)
✅ Snorkeling at the two most beautiful destinations (Gam ghi island and Bom island - Very few tourists know and have opportunity to explore this place; the coral
here is extremely beautiful and unspoiled).
✅ 1 pit stop to go fishing.
✅ Have all day without time limit, between 6 and 18 hours (The 6-hour trip is
✅ Lunch menu: 
Soup, Grilled oysters with onions, Grilled shrimp, grilled fish, seafood fried noodles, fried eggs rice and fruit desserts.
1️⃣ There are private coach to pick up tourists from the hotel and take to land-based destinations (on request).
2️⃣ The large 12 to 28-seat canoe helps to move quickly, but are more quiet and more secure.
3️⃣ Fully provided with passenger insurance, life jackets, equipment for coral reef diving, fishing tackle and fishing bait, mineral water and wet wipes.
4️⃣ Especially, friendly and enthusiastic canoe drivers doubling as local tour guides will assist and guide you through the trip. They are extremely experienced and enthusiastic sailors which are praised by all tourists.


Lưu ý

➡️ Safety: All Trips of Rooty Trip are guaranteed 100% safe. Canoes are registered; passengers have insurance and are fully equipped with full protective gear.
➡️ Weather: Your trip will be a lot better if you go on a calm sea and sunny day.

➡️ Eat and drink: On May rut island or Fingernail island, there is a variety of seafood dishes. You can choose a self-sufficient lunch package for your family to enjoy your own meals.
However, the price on these two islands is quite expensive; in Admin’s opinion, the cost of meals will be from VND 250,000 to VND 400,000 per person if you want to eat fresh and diverse seafood.
➡️ You can book tour and schedule a trip in advance. You only HAVE TO pay when you have been touring; all cases of postponements, cancellations and changes are accepted.
Group trip will save you money if you travel with fewer people. Please see information in following post


"ROOTY TRIP is a friendly and enthusiastic tour of the locals.
Please visit us one time to use our services and you will find that your experience and satisfaction level is our No. 1 priority! "
Please contact us for inbox, or hotline: 0936.828.328


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Bởi: Bryan Tan Wei Zhong

My girlfriend and I really enjoyed ourselves. With a small boat, the captain could take us to better locations for snorkelling. I highly recommend this tour for small groups. Cheers!


Bởi: Nadine Schopka

Our guide was very friendly and most island were beautiful. But first the four islands and its order were determined. Furthermore the guide went to beaches where all other boats went to. So it is not a private or individual tour. The only thing which is individual is the time. You can decide how long you want to stay at each island. But the problem was that our guide did not told us what you can do at each island. So it is hard to say how long you want to stay at each island if you don't know what will happen. The first island and the third island were NOT for snorkeling. So we could snorkeling only on 2 of 4 islands (why is it called a snorkeling tour?). The last island was the worst one because there was no adequate place to chill. Although there where 100 of palms we couldn't lay there because it was dirty. It would be much better if the guide went to places without other people so you have really a feeling of a private tour. Otherwise you can use other tours of local companies (e.g. John's Tours) because the price is the same, there lunch is included and you are protected against the sun (shadow). The worst thing was that the sun protection did not work. So we were in the sun the whole tour! That was very horrible. At least the guide could not speak English good. She understood only a little bit words. This is very problematic on a private tour.

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Fingernail island, Gam Ghi Island
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Discover the paradise of FINGERNAIL ISLANd, MAY RUT TRONG ISLAND, DAM NGANG ISLAND (GAM GHI ISLAND), AND MAY RUT NGOAI ISLAND by private CANOE with friendly, enthusiastic and professional tour guides of Rooty Trip. Especially, a wide variety of canoe sizes that is newest, modernist and safest fits all your needs, family and group of friends

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