Ocsen Beach Bar & Club – 1 of the most popular tourist attractions in Phu Quoc

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One of the most interesting activities when coming to Phu Quoc is watching the sunset at sea. Sunset at Phu Quoc with warm main colors will definitely satisfy your expectations – OCSEN Beach Bar & Club (Snail Beach Bar).

Ocsen Beach Bar is a sunset viewing location not to be missed when going to Phu Quoc

Snail Beach Bar owns a beautiful sunset coastline. Since its inception, this place has become a hot destination in the tourist community, considered the most beautiful sunset viewing spot on Pearl Island. The liberal and new decoration style, suitable for young people’s tastes, is also an aspect that makes this beach bar popular with tourists. Sip a glass of cocktail, look out into the distance, let your soul follow each wave, and let your thoughts drift along with the fading sunlight. Snail Beach Bar is a place to watch the sunset that cannot be missed when coming to Phu Quoc.
You will be able to comfortably lie down on lazy chairs placed on the sand, listen to music, and enjoy food and drinks while waiting for the moment the sun sets. The landscape color, the combination of the restaurant’s color, and the gentle afternoon sunlight will help you take very luxurious “virtual life” photos. The best time to catch the sunset and take golden hour photos here is around 5:30. However, you must come earlier to reserve the seats with the best view because this is also the restaurant’s peak time.

If you want to watch the sunset at Ocsen Beach Bar & Club when going to Phu Quoc, please refer to Phu Quoc 4 Island Speedboat Tour

Ngắm hoàng hôn tại Ocsen Beach Bar & Club

Watch the sunset at Ocean Beach Bar & Club

Occen Beach Bar – a place worth experiencing

Because it is a beach bar, OCSEN Beach Bar & Club’s drink menu is full of juices, cocktails, wine, beer, and coffee for you to enjoy while relaxing by the beach. This place also has snacks and main dishes, enough for you to enjoy a grand dinner in the cool blue sea space. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere, you can come here in the morning to drink coffee and watch the sea. At 6 pm, after sunset, the restaurant will light a campfire next to the sea. At 9 pm, music will play, creating a lively atmosphere until 1-2 am the next morning.

If possible, stay at OCSEN Beach Bar & Club until after 10 pm to see special performances performed by foreign artists. The atmosphere will become more exciting when you can participate in games with them and the people sitting next to you. A wonderful evening will complement your sunset viewing experience. Some days of the month there will be a cool breeze so you don’t need to be afraid of mosquitoes or heat.

If you want to experience the Ocsen Beach Bar & Club space, please refer to the Phu Quoc 5-island speedbat tour

 Ocsen Beach Bar & Club nơi đáng để bạn trải nghiệm

Occen Beach Bar & Club is a place worth experiencing

Occen Beach Bar – a place to relax and enjoy

On each lovely table, you will be equipped with a hurricane lamp. In addition to its shimmering light, there are very few lights arranged by the restaurant to create a truly cool feeling when looking back at the sea at night. The staff here are extremely enthusiastic, and even though moving on the sand is quite difficult, they will be happy to assist you. One thing to note when visiting here is that you can order drinks at the counter or choose a suitable seat, the staff will bring you a menu to order drinks or food. There is card payment here so you don’t need to worry too much if you don’t bring cash. The shop staff speaks many languages, ensuring your experience is the most enjoyable and comfortable when coming here.

After a tiring day of exploring Phu Quoc, try relaxing your body and listening to the vibrant music of OCSEN Beach Bar. Or if you love the whispering sound of the sea at night, choose a table a little closer to the sea to enjoy the feeling of peace for yourself.

Ocsen Beach Bar & Club địa điểm yêu thích của các bạn trẻ

Occen Beach Bar & Club is a favorite place for young people

It can be seen that Ocsen Beach Bar & Club is an interesting place and hopefully, the information above will help you add a great destination to your trip. Wishing you a trip to explore Phu Quoc with lots of experiences.



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