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Phu Quoc 3-day 2-night travel combo

Save up to 20% on Phu Quoc travel combo packages. These include resort stays and tours around Phu Quoc, available in 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star options. Are you ready for a fantastic vacation? Don’t miss out on the hottest budget travel combo deals to Phu Quoc this year to make your trip ideal. With the Combo packages at Rooty Trip, travelers will enjoy attractive discounts and experience exciting canoe island tours. Contact Rooty Trip today to book your combo package:

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Combo 3N2Đ SOL By Melia và Roma Phú Quốc

Combo 3 days 2 nights at SOL By Melia and Roma Phu Quoc: Doubling the sweetness

đ 3,799,000

đ 2,799,000

5 stars and 3 stars

Combining relaxation and exploration

Diverse experiences

Attractive offers

Combo Wyndham Grand Phu Quoc và Roma: Cân bằng nghỉ dưỡng và khám phá

Combo Wyndham Grand Phu Quoc and Roma: Balancing Resort Relaxation and Exploration

đ 4,399,000

đ 3,599,000

5 stars and 3 stars

Combining relaxation and exploration

Diverse experiences

Attractive offers

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc 3 Days 2 Nights Combo – Indochine-style Retreat

đ 3,500,000

5 stars

Luxurious 5-star resort getaway

Vinpearl, a prestigious brand

Great price offers, complimentary one-day island speedboats tour

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Combo SOL by Melia 3 days 2 nights – Awakening all senses

đ 2,700,000


5 Stars

Luxury 5-star private beach resort

World-Class International Brand Great Price Offers

Includes a 1-Day Island Speedboats Tour

khach san phu quoc novotel phu quoc resort 2 e1692695789957

Combo Novotel Resort 3 days 2 nights – Tropical Paradise

đ 2,590,000


5 Stars

Luxury 5-star private beach resort

World-Class International Brand Great Price Offers

Great price offer, get a complimentary day of island speedboats tour

Seashell Resort Phu Quoc 1 e1692697392211

Combo Seashells Hotel 3D2N – Cruise amidst the heart of the city center

đ 2,850,000


5 Stars

Experience a 5-star resort getaway at our private beach

Conveniently located in the city center

Great price offer, get a complimentary day of island speedboats tour

261372936 e1692697603639

M Village 3D2N Combo – Countryside-style in the heart of the city

đ 2,199,000


4 Sao

4-star resort right in the city center

Unique countryside-style experience

Excellent promotional pricing, complimentary 1-day island speedboats tour

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Sunset Beach 3D2N Combo – Witness “First-Class Sunsets

đ 2,190,000


4 Stars

Luxury 4-star Beachfront Resort

Witness the Most Breathtaking Sunsets

Great Deals with a Complimentary Island Hopping Tour by Speedboat

302248698 e1692872892167

Combo VinHolidays Fiesta 3D2N – Refined and Prestigious Convergence

đ 3,190,000


3 Stars

3-star pricing but 5-star quality

Prestigious Vinpearl brand

Great Deals with a Complimentary Island Hopping Tour by Speedboat

Phu Quoc 3D2N travel combos are available at various price levels with 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star quality. Each combo is designed by Rooty to optimize costs with many activities taking place around the days you arrive in Phu Quoc, ensuring a never-dull experience.

Phu Quoc 3D2N Travel Combos of Interest

  • 3D2N SOL by Melia Combo
  • 3D2N Novotel Resort Combo
  • 3D2N Seashells Hotel Combo
  • 3D2N M Village Combo
  • 3D2N Sunset Beach Combo
  • 3D2N An Phu Hotel Combo
  • 3D2N The May Beach Hotel Combo
  • 3D2N Dusit Princess Hotel Combo
  • 3D2N Best Western Premier Sonasea Combo
  • Ocean Bay 3D2N Combo
  • Lahana Resort 3D2N Combo
  • New World Phu Quoc 3D2N Combo
  • Andochine 3D2N Combo
  • VinOasis 3D2N Combo
  • InterContinental 3D2N Combo
  • Pullman 3D2N Combo

What does the 3D2N combo include?

3D2N stay at hotels and resorts

The Phu Quoc 3-day 2-night combo includes: 3-star hotels, 4-star hotels, 5-star hotels. Most amenities at the hotels and resorts are fully provided:

  • Two nights of luxurious accommodation.
  • Two buffet breakfasts at the restaurant.
  • Airport transfers according to schedule.
  • Free bottled water, tea, coffee… in the room or other amenities at the hotel resort.

Activities at places included in the 3D2N combo

Phu Quoc is a top destination among the tourist spots in the Western region. So, what is there to do in Phu Quoc? Over three days and two nights, what can you explore? Check out our attractions for the 3d2d:

Explore the small southern islands

3 days 2 nights combo

Southern Islands in Phu Quoc 3 days 2 nights combo

  • Fingernail Island

Fingernail Island is one of the small islands in the southern area where people can spend some time to admire the pristine beauty of the destination. The pure beauty combined with the clear blue sea water, sand, pebbles, and cool green coconut trees of Fingernail Island will be a great experience in your journey to explore Phu Quoc for 3D2N.

  • May Rut Island

Along with Fingernail Island, May Rut Island stirs up tourism in Phu Quoc with its charm that is both pristine and poetic. In the Phu Quoc 3-day 2-night combo, May Rut Island is the best spot for snorkeling to see beautiful coral reefs. Moreover, the place also has many beautiful beaches with a fresh, cool atmosphere, so activities like swimming, fishing… are also favored.

  • Gam Ghi Island

Gam Ghi Island in Phu Quoc mesmerizes tourists whether it’s their first visit or they have been here before. As one of the small islands in the An Thoi archipelago, Gam Ghi Island makes its mark with a rich ecosystem and an extremely charming pristine beauty. The combination of many large and small rocks, fine white sand beaches, along with the shining sun of Phu Quoc is also when thousands of beautiful coral reefs appear most magically.

  • Hon Thom

Hon Thom is fortunate to be referred to as a precious pearl nestled in the heart of Phu Quoc Island. Here, numerous water activities take place, such as: snorkeling to see coral, surfing, fishing, swimming… Standing under the shade of the dense green coconut trees, Hon Thom impresses with its poetic, pristine beauty of white sand, pebbles, and emerald sea water.

Explore Grand World, VinWonders, Vinpearl Safari

modern entertainment paradises

Explore the most modern entertainment paradises on the Pearl Island

  • Grand World

Known as a unique entertainment and shopping paradise with European style, Grand World operates bustlingly around the clock, so you will have the opportunity to enjoy and entertain throughout the night in this city that never sleeps. The exciting activities when coming to experience and explore Grand World Phu Quoc include: enjoying the essence of exquisite cuisine from inside and outside the country, checking in at Bamboo Legend, contemporary art park Urban Park…

  • VinWonders

VinWonders Phu Quoc is the most attractive amusement park for many young people as it gathers a variety of all kinds of games from thrill to psychological challenges. VinWonders is divided into 6 zones with 12 different themes: European avenue, whirlwind world, secret village, wonder world, Palace of the Sea King…

  • Vinpearl Safari

Vinpearl Safari will be the most interesting destination to visit and explore the wild fauna when coming to Phu Quoc. This place is the home of many rare animals and plants such as: Arabian oryx, black-necked swan… Besides exploring and learning about rare animals at Vinpearl, you will also witness many high-quality performances. Vinpearl Safari is divided into two main areas: the open zoo and the Safari area.

Visit cultural and spiritual sites

Spiritual destinations Phu Quoc

Spiritual destinations that many tourists visit when coming to Phu Quoc

  • Ho Quoc Pagoda

The journey to explore the pearl island with the Phu Quoc 3-day 2-night combo from Rooty Trip definitely does not miss cultural and spiritual tourist sites. Starting this journey, Ho Quoc Pagoda is a destination chosen by many to visit. The pagoda is open from 6 am to 8 pm every day. With the unique architecture of Ho Quoc Pagoda, the position leaning against the mountain, facing the sea, the pagoda is an ideal place for people to visit the scene.

  • Phu Quoc Prison

Phu Quoc Prison is one of the most heroic historical evidences of the Vietnamese nation. Here, countless brutal, horrific images of the colonial empire have been vividly recreated. Perhaps only when you step into Phu Quoc Prison, can you fully feel the heinous crimes that the enemy committed against our people.

  • Sim Garden

The purple sim garden flaunting its sweet colors under the Phu Quoc sun is also a destination that attracts many young people to visit. Here, people can observe and learn about the process of making sweet sim wine, an attractive specialty of the island. The sim gardens are also an interesting photo and check-in spot that people should not miss.

  • Pepper Garden

Besides the dreamy sim flower gardens, Phu Quoc is also known for many famous pepper gardens that attract many young people to take photos and visit. The pepper gardens not only provide a large economic value but also a unique check-in spot when coming to Phu Quoc.

  • Fish Sauce Barrel House

The fish sauce barrel house is known as the place producing the best quality fish sauce in Vietnam. The Phu Quoc 3-day 2-night combo will help you understand the history of the fish sauce barrel house and the processes that create the unique flavor of the fish sauce, which is the ‘national soul, national treasure.’

Instagrammable check-in spots

Check in sunset sanato

Checking in for sunset on the Jade Island is something you shouldn’t miss

  • Sunset Sanato

If you go to Phu Quoc but miss the romantic sunset moment, it’s really a big miss. Sunset Sanato is a check-in spot where many grand musical events take place, on a large scale. Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc includes: tropical-style beachfront villas, Beach Club, culinary restaurant… Here is a paradise for you to fully admire all the shades of the perfect sunset.

  • Sunset Town

Sunset Town is probably the destination that Rooty Trip wants to introduce in the Phu Quoc 3-day 2-night combo this time. Inspired by Mediterranean architectural style, Sunset Town is rated as the best place to watch the sunset in Vietnam.

Located on the slopes of the southwestern coast of the island, Sunset Town consists of three main parts. The first part is the “Prosperous Harbor” Sun Premier Village Primavera, the second part is the Sun Grand City Hillside Residence apartment, considered the highest symbol of Phu Quoc city, and the third part is the Shophouse The Center row with Taormina style. In addition, Central Village also has nearly 60 iconic buildings and a meticulously invested utility system.

Resorts, hotels in the 3D2N combo

5-star hotels

  • SOL by Melia is an ideal place for you to confidently choose as a great resting place in Phu Quoc. In the Phu Quoc 3D2N combo, you will enjoy many attractive services worthy of 5 stars at SOL by Melia such as: two nights of luxurious accommodation, two breakfast buffets, free amenities at the resort, free snorkeling to see coral…
Infinity pool SOL by Melia

Infinity pool at SOL by Melia

  • Novotel Resort is a suitable choice for tourists wanting to relax with family and friends. Additionally, this location is also a perfect choice for customers needing to organize seminars, conferences, and other events.
Novotel Resort

Novotel Resort is a great choice for travelers who want to relax with family and friends.

  • Seashells Hotel, with its prime location in the center of Phu Quoc Island, near Dinh Cau and the Night Market. From the hotel’s frontal position, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with golden sand and a strip of clear blue water like a painting of the island. At the same time, this location is also very convenient for accessing shopping and entertainment areas. Seashells Hotel includes amenities such as: Lobby Lounge, Cocoon Beach Lounge, Boat Gym workout room, children’s club…
Seashells Hotel

From the hotel’s beachfront location, you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean.

4-star hotels

  • M Village will take you to a small paradise garden, nestled in the heart of the island, with a rich vegetation spread throughout the village. Here, you will enjoy the essence of heaven and earth, the wonderful beauty of the blue sea, white sand, and golden sun that Mother Nature has bestowed upon this land.
M Village

Fully equipped bedrooms at M Village

  • Sunset Beach is located right next to the beach and is situated in the center of Phu Quoc. This is an ideal destination for vacations combined with exploring the pearl island. With its prime location, this place is not only close to the bustling center of Duong Dong but also next to the beautiful beach of Phu Quoc. You will not only relax in luxurious spaces but also easily explore interesting places on the island of Phu Quoc.
Sunset beach

Sunset Beach boasts an idyllic beachfront setting

3-star hotels

An Phu Hotel is located in the center of Duong Dong town, the area with the densest population on the island of Phu Quoc. With this location, it is an ideal point to explore the surrounding recreational and tourist areas easily.

An Phu Hotel

An Phu Hotel exudes a unique blend of modern and classical styles.

  • May Beach Hotel is a hotel with a unique neoclassical architecture combined with contemporary. The hotel is fully equipped with high-end equipment, excellent services to help everyone have the best experiences.
May Beach Hotel

May Beach Hotel features a contemporary architectural design.