Seawalker ticket

Tham gia Đi bộ dưới đáy biển, chiêm ngưỡng cận cảnh nhũng loài sinh vật biển độc đáo

Seawalker ticket

Seawalker ticket

Seawalker ticket

Tham gia Đi bộ dưới đáy biển kết hợp trong tour cano đảo để tối ưu trải nghiệm

Seawalker ticket

Đặt vé ĐI bộ dưới đáy biển giá tốt tại Rooty Trip

Seawalker ticket

Seawalker Ticket

1/2 day

Ticket type: Experience/Standard/VIP

Applicable: Children from 4 years old and the elderly under 65 years old

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Promotion: Applicable at each specific time

Sea walking (also known as Seawalker) is an exciting activity to explore the ocean world that even people who cannot swim can participate in. You will be fully equipped with diving equipment such as a helmet, oxygen tank, and a coach (professional diver) who will directly accompany you throughout the process of admiring and exploring the beautiful ocean.

Đi bộ dưới đáy biển là trải nghiệm khám phá đại dương cực thú vị và độc đáo

Seawalker is an exciting and unique experience of exploring the ocean

The Seawalker activity brings you the most realistic experience, letting you see how lively and bustling the seabed is, and how interesting and unique the sea creatures are.

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Price list

Seawalker service packages and price list

There are 3 popular Undersea Walking service packages:

  • Experience Package
  • Experience Package
  • VIP Package

Each service package has a price, applicable to all participating visitors, including children from 4 years old and the elderly under 65 years old




  • Walk on the seabed, explore half of the coral park in 10 minutes
  • Directly feed fish under the sea



  • Walk on the seabed, explore half of the coral park in 15 minutes
  • Directly feed fish under the sea
  • Taking photos and filming videos combo

1.490.000 => 1.390.000


  • Walk on the seabed, explore half of the coral park in 20 minutes
  • Directly feed fish under the sea
  • Participate in the underwater bubble dance
  • Taking photos and filming videos combo

1.850.000 => 1.750.000

What to have fun

Exciting experiences of the Seawalker activity

  • See up close more than 250 species of colorful corals and anemones , preserved under special environmental conditions.
  • Thousands of species of sea fish of all shapes and colors swim freely around you.
  • Capture your cute moments with a specialized underwater camera.
  • If you don’t know how to swim, feel free to participate because you will be equipped with the most modern and professional diving equipment. You don’t even need to worry about getting your hair wet, your face wet, or your makeup smudged because the special “expedition hat” you wear will prevent seawater from coming into contact with your head and face.
Tham gia Đi bộ dưới đáy biển, chiêm ngưỡng cận cảnh nhũng loài sinh vật biển độc đáo

Participate in Seawalker and admire unique marine species up close

How to have fun

  • When diving to the bottom of the sea, the pressure will change. Make sure you do not have cardiovascular or respiratory diseases to avoid affecting your experience.
  • Children from 4 years old and elderly (65 years old or under and in good health) can still participate.
  • Combine with an island canoe tour to make the most of your time, with the canoe taking you to the coral park to experience the Sea Bottom Walking activity and take you to visit the most beautiful islands in Phu Quoc. Refer to Rooty Trip’s island canoe tour schedule here.
  • Book your Seawalker ticket through Rooty Trip to get the best price
Tham gia Đi bộ dưới đáy biển kết hợp trong tour cano đảo để tối ưu trải nghiệm

Participate in Seawalker combined with the island speedboat tour to optimize the experience

How to buy tickets

Currently, there are two common ways to buy Seawalker tickets: buying directly at the Seawalker service operator and buying through an agent. To make it more convenient to book/receive tickets at a better price, you should consider buying Seawalker tickets through a reputable agent. Rooty Trip is a long-time partner of Ocean Pearl with a clear ticket sales policy and good prices at all times.

To book the Seawalker tickets at Rooty Trip, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Access the ticket booking link here
  • Step 2: Select travel date, service type and registration amount
  • Step 3: Click the “Advice” button and enter personal information such as name, phone number and contact form, then click “Send now” to send the registration information.
  • Step 4: After receiving the information, Rooty Trip’s customer service team will contact you to advise, answer questions and support to complete the procedure for purchasing tickets for Seawalker.

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đ 1,150,000

đ 1,150,000

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