Sunset Sanato Beach Club Ticket

Highlights: Surely those who love Phu Quoc are no strangers to the brilliant scenery at Sunset Sanato Beach Club – one of the most “expensive” places to watch the sunset on Pearl Island. This place is not only known for its beautiful location but also for its unique beachside designs that are very popular with young people to check in such as elephants, dragonflies, squids, conical hats, and heaven’s gate. Or angels flying in the sky are extremely unique. Sunset Sanato is also the venue for many festivals, exciting entertainment activities throughout the night, or seafood BBQ dinner parties and performances by Latin bands. Don’t forget to book tickets at BestPrice to get a good location and the most preferential price!

⚡ The perfect destination for those who like to take photos with countless unique designs by the beach

⚡ The most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Phu Quoc

⚡ Exciting parades and performances

⚡ Fresh and delicious BBQ party

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Sunset Sanato Ticket



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