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Wild, pure, and liberal are the adjectives that describe Mong Tay Island – a place that still retains its pristine features from its earliest days. Perhaps that is why this place is always visited by a large number of “travelers”. If you have fallen in love with the beautiful and idyllic scenery of the island, join Rooty Trip to discover more about this scenic spot – Phu Quoc Mong Tay Island travel experience below!

kinh nghiệm du lịch Hòn móng tay phú quốc

Mong Tay Island – A place that still retains the pure beauty of the beginning

1. Introducing Mong Tay Island

Mong Tay Island (Fingernail Island) is a beautiful small island in Phu Quoc, located in the middle of the majestic waters of Kien Giang. This place attracts tourists by its peaceful space, pristine beaches, and rich coral reefs.

This land was once covered with fingernail trees. To this day, Mong Tay Island still retains the natural beauty of a “Robinson island” that few places have.

1.1 Where is Mong Tay Island?

Hon Mong Tay is a small island in the An Thoi archipelago, located south of Phu Quoc – the Pearl Island, only about 45km from the city center. Although located between Ba Lua Island and Hai Tac Island, Mong Tay Island does not belong to any island.

Because of its isolated location from the mainland and hidden from maritime shipping routes, this place has hardly suffered any impact from human hands. This helps Hon Mong Tay still retain its simple and liberal natural features. This Beautiful Phu Quoc science is even considered by many people as “Maldives in Vietnam“.

1.2 What does the origin of the name Mong Tay Island?

The reason it is called Fingernail Island is because in the past there were many “Fingernail” trees on the island, also known as Pemphis Acidula, a unique tree with an oval shape, two pointed leaves, and small white flowers growing densely on the island.

Pemphis Acidula trees play an important role in protecting the coast from wave erosion. The name Mong Tay Island in Phu Quoc was named and used by the first people living on the island to this day.

hòn móng tay ở phú quốc

Mong Tay island belongs to the An Thoi island complex

Tour cano 3 đảo đẹp nhất Phú Quốc 1 ngày
1-day tour to the 3 most beautiful islands in Phu Quoc

2. Good time to go to Mong Tay Island

The best time is from November to April every year. This is when Phu Quoc enters the dry season with dry, sunny weather but the temperature only fluctuates around 25-28 degrees Celsius, so it is very suitable for sightseeing activities and enjoying the wild, liberal pace of life at Mong Tay Island. Possessing its own wild and peaceful beauty, Mong Tay Island can still be an ideal tourist destination for all four seasons of the year.

nên đi hòn móng tay vào tháng mấy

The dry season is the time when Mong Tay Island is at its most beautiful

3. How to get to Mong Tay Island

Mong Tay Island is 45km from Duong Dong ward and 35km from Phu Quoc airport. Travel time to the island may vary depending on the mode of travel and traffic conditions.

From the airport or Phu Quoc city center, you can rent a motorbike or taxi to continue moving to An Thoi Port in the dry season or Sao Beach Port in the rainy season. Then catch a boat or canoe to go to Mong Tay Island.

ban đồ di chuyển tới cảng an thới

Move to An Thoi port to take a boat to Mong Tay Island

According to experience traveling to Hon Mong Tay Island, in case you travel in a large group, you can choose to rent a boat or private speedboat to move comfortably and on your own time. Normally, the price to rent a boat is about 1,200,000 VND/boat and a speedboat is 2,000,000 VND/boat.

==> Read more: Speedboat tour to 4 islands and Hon Thom cable car for 1 day so you don’t have to worry about renting a boat to get around!

4. What’s attractive about Phu Quoc Fingernail Island?

Dressed in pristine natural scenery and a simple, liberal pace of life, but not at all boring. Mong Tay Island still fascinates many “travelers” with its many attractive activities.

4.1 Swimming in the Sea

The natural scenery at Hon Mong Tay is like a beautiful landscape painting, painted with the green of the coconut trees, the pure white of the sand, and the emerald green of the water. Everything blends in harmony to open up an incredibly wonderful scene.

According to our experience in traveling to Mong Tay Island Phu Quoc, there is nothing better than immersing yourself in the clear blue water and enjoying the liberal pace of life in this land. In particular, the seawater here is so clear that we can see through to the bottom, clearly seeing each unique coral reef with its diverse shapes.

hòn móng tay có gì đẹp

Clear blue water at Mong Tay Island

4.2 Coral Diving

The sea areas around Mong Tay Island have the advantages of clean water and strong coral growth. With a diversity of coral species and marine life, the coral ecosystem here is ranked one of the richest in the world.

Therefore, you must definitely admire the beautiful coral clusters when coming here. In particular, early morning or late afternoon is the ideal time. At these times, the sunlight is not too bright, making it comfortable for you when diving and creating a more brilliant underwater scene.

đi hòn móng tay phú quốc ngắm san hô

Explore coral at Mong Tay Island

4.3 Watch the sunset

“Sunset is the time when the beauty of a tourist destination becomes more divine and memorable than ever.” That’s right, the sunset scene at Mong Tay Island always makes travelers fascinated and love this place more.

In the afternoon, when the last rays of sunlight begin to sink from the sea surface, it is also sunset, the red and yellow colors mixed with the blue sky create an extremely romantic and magical scene.

hòn móng tay phú quốc có gì

Admire the beautiful sunset at Mong Tay Island

4.4 Chụp hình sống ảo

It would be a mistake if the trip to Mong Tay Island Phu Quoc was not preserved with amazing photos. Although there has not been too much investment in tourism, every square meter on the island is an ideal background for creating eye-catching photos.

Check-in tại Hòn Móng Tay

Take photos at Mong Tay Island

4.5 Hear about the Robinson anecdote

Because of its wildness and desolation, people also call Mong Tay Island with another liberal name, Robinson Island, along with a true anecdote about Mr. An – an island lord nicknamed the blind knight by fishermen.

Mr. An is a pioneer, bringing life to this pristine island for the past 13 years. Having the opportunity to go to Phu Quoc Fingernail Island, sip some sim wine, enjoy seafood, and listen to “Robinson anecdotes” will definitely bring you a wonderful experience.

review hòn móng tay phú quốc

Listen to the Robinson anecdote at Mong Tay Island

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5. Must-try dishes at Mong Tay Island

Similar to the seas and islands of Pearl Island, Mong Tay Island also “holds” tourists because of its fresh seafood resources, processed into unique dishes:

  • Abalone: ​​Although expensive, abalone on the island is extremely fresh and delicious, with rich nutritional content. Abalone can be varied in many ways such as steaming, grilling, boiling, etc. But the most attractive dish is still grilled abalone with fatty cheese.
  • Sea urchin: A very popular seafood in Phu Quoc, fresh, sweet, and fatty sea urchin meat is prepared in many different ways. However, on Mong Tay Island, sea urchins are often enjoyed by grilling with onion and peanuts. Although simple, it makes diners extremely excited.
  • Squid: A popular seafood on Mong Tay Island, the squid is fresh, delicious, and has sweet meat, processed immediately after catching. Squid is often simply prepared by fishermen by steaming and eating with sweet and sour fish sauce.
  • Herring salad: This is the “number 1” specialty in Phu Quoc in general and Hon Mong Tay in particular. The dish is a combination of fresh fish meat mixed with rustic ingredients such as grated coconut, peanuts, onions, etc. To add a rich flavor, jackfish salad is often served with rice paper, raw vegetables, and sweet and sour fish sauce.
ăn gì ở hòn móng tay phú quốc

Some dishes you must try when coming to Mong Tay Island

In addition, because it is wild and sparse, Mong Tay Island is definitely an ideal camping location. When traveling here, you can bring food or buy some fresh seafood to have a BBQ party along the beach.

“Travellers” come to Mong Tay Island not to enjoy high-end services, this is an opportunity to enjoy the generosity of nature and enjoy the peaceful space. Therefore, a BBQ party by the beach will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

ăn gì ở hòn móng tay

BBQ party by the beach

6. Frequently asked questions

6.1 Are young children suitable to visit Mong Tay Island?

You can take young children to visit Mong Tay Island. The natural environment here is a great condition for children to approach and explore nature. On this small island of Phu Quoc, many open spaces have also been developed, convenient for children to play.

However, traveling to Mong Tay Island requires taking a boat or speedboat, which can cause children to get seasick or feel uncomfortable. In particular, when children are traveling with them, parents need to pay attention to wearing life jackets and supervise carefully to ensure the baby’s safety.

6.2 Is there a combined tour between Hon Mong Tay and other islands?

Yes. Rooty Trip is offering a 1-day 4-island speedboat tour and Hon Thom cable car. This tour is a combination of visiting Mong Tay Island and other islands of Phu Quoc Island. You will have the opportunity to explore the wild beauty of  Mong Tay Island and some other places such as Gam Ghi Island, Doi Moi Island, Ganh Dau Cape, and Phu Quoc national forest.

kinh nghiệm du lịch hòn móng tay phú quốc

Speedboat tour of Mong Tay Island at Rooty Trip

6.3 What should I bring when visiting Mong Tay Island during the day?

To prepare to visit Mong Tay Island during the day, you should carefully prepare essential items for a smooth trip. Things to bring include:

  • Sunscreen: Always bring sunscreen to ensure your skin is protected and avoid skin damage in the sun.
  • Sunglasses and hats: You will feel more comfortable when your eyes and head are protected. In particular, these items help you avoid sunstroke and glare when sightseeing on the island.
  • Insect spray: This may be necessary, especially if there are small children. You will avoid being bothered by insects during the tour.
  • Life jackets: Life jackets are essential for you to comfortably participate in diving, swimming, boating, swimming, etc. activities safely.
  • Backup charger: Always make sure your phone has enough battery to record beautiful moments, especially emergency contacts when needed.

We hope this article about Mong Tay Island Phu Quoc travel experiences will help you gain more useful information for your upcoming journey. If you are interested in island tours, contact Rooty Trip immediately for quick support!

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