Team Building Tour - 4 days and 3 nights Gala Dinner

Team Building Tour - 4 days and 3 nights Gala Dinner

Team Building Tour - 4 days and 3 nights Gala Dinner

Team Building Tour - 4 days and 3 nights Gala Dinner

Tour Phú Quốc Team Building Gala Dinner 4N3Đ trọn gói

4 days 3 nights

Time: 4 days 3 nights

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Exploration: North island, Center, Southeast

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Activity: Teambuilding, Gala Dinner

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Experience: Recreation, scenic beauty, nature, culture

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Exclusive Deal: Get up to 15% off tour prices, plus a complimentary maxi dress rental for female guests.

Phu Quoc Team Building Tour – 4D3N Gala Dinner Package by Rooty Trip will take you to explore and visit the most beautiful spots of Phu Quoc along with engaging activities organized to foster team bonding. Specifically:

  • 3D2N accommodation in 3, 4, 5-star hotels based on your preferences
  • Excursions to pristine islands such as Mong Tay Island, May Rut Island, Ganh Ghi Island on island canoeing tours
  • Snorkeling to admire natural coral reefs, experiencing underwater walks, enjoying seafood lunch on the islands
  • Check-in at picturesque locations like the Mediterranean Sunset Town, Sunset Sanato, and Bai Sao for the best photo opportunities
  • Exploration of the culture and history of the pearl island at Phu Quoc Prison, Ho Quoc Pagoda, sim wine production facilities, traditional fish sauce factories
  • Complimentary: Professional camera photos and flycam clips capturing memorable moments during the island tour

Feel free to refer to the detailed itinerary of Phu Quoc Team Building Tour – 4D3N Gala Dinner Package by Rooty Trip below:

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Day 1: Greetings to Phu Quoc - Greetings to Grand World

Rooty Trip guide welcomes guests at the airport.

📌 Noon: Transfer to the city center for lunch and hotel check-in, rest.

📌 Afternoon: The tour group visits Grand World Sleepless City, the largest entertainment, and dining complex in Northern Phu Quoc. Here, the group freely takes photos with the Legendary Bamboo Structure, explores Grand World by electric car or checks in at the Teddy Bear Museum, and cruises on the Venice-style canal… (self-funded expenses).

📌 Evening: Guests dine at Grand World. Then experience the lively atmosphere of the Sleepless City and the 2nd Night Market in Phu Quoc. Enjoy the spectacular Water Music and Light Show in Venice’s vibrant colors (free of charge).

The bus will take the group back to the hotel for overnight rest.

Day 2: Explore the Beauty of the Southern Islands

Breakfast buffet at the hotel for energy before a day of exploration.

📌 Morning: Explore the beauty of Phu Quoc Island. Visit Long Beach Center to learn about pearl farming, witness the pearl harvesting process firsthand, and shop for jewelry and souvenirs.

– Head to An Thoi International Port, hop on speedboats to begin the journey of discovering the small islands of the An Thoi archipelago.
– Check-in at Hon Mong Tay, Hon May Rut renowned for their pristine beauty, fine white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters offering photography, recreational activities, and swimming.
– Capture memorable moments. Guests are assisted with fly cam shooting, complimentary photoshoots with a professional photography team.

📌 Noon: Enjoy an 8-course seafood lunch served on the island.

– Dive to observe natural coral reefs at Hon Gam Ghi (or Hon Dua, Hon Roi) free of charge with provided life jackets, diving masks, breathing tubes, and guided by experienced tour guides.
– Experience the world’s longest sea-crossing cable car, and the most modern water park in Southeast Asia at Hon Thom. Check-in at An Thoi station, the picturesque town of Hoang Hon.

📌 Evening: Enjoy dinner together at the central restaurant. Later, explore Phu Quoc Night Market for local specialties.

Return to the hotel by shuttle.

Day 3: Visit to the Central Center. Teambuilding - Gala Dinner

The group had breakfast before embarking on a tour of Southeast Phu Quoc Island.

📌 Morning: Explore Southeast Phu Quoc Island.

Sunset Town with unique Mediterranean architecture by Sungroup. This is the place where every corner is perfect for beautiful photos.
Phu Quoc Fish Sauce Factory: renowned for producing high-quality fish sauce exported worldwide. Learn about the traditional method of fermenting and processing anchovy fish sauce, famous both domestically and internationally for its high nutritional value.
Phu Quoc Prison: The Phu Quoc War Prison Camp is located in An Thoi Ward, southern Phu Quoc Island. During the Indochina War, this prison camp was called Coconut Tree Prison. It was the central prisoner of war camp in the Republic of Vietnam, detaining over 32,000 prisoners.
Ho Quoc Pagoda: A sacred temple with the largest area in the Southwest, nestled against the mountain facing the incredibly beautiful sea.

📌 Noon: The group stops at Sao Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc, for beach relaxation and lunch.

📌 Afternoon: Return to the hotel for rest. Prepare to participate in Team Building activities at the resort’s private beach.

📌Evening: Gala Dinner at the resort.

Day 4: Farewell Phu Quoc

Breakfast buffet at the hotel. Explore attractions in the city center such as Dinh Cau, Dinh Ba, visit specialty shops to buy souvenirs.
Check out, transfer to the airport. Goodbye Phu Quoc.

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Tourist attractions

Grand World

Grand World is a prestigious entertainment, leisure, and shopping complex located within the Phu Quoc United Center, invested by Vingroup Corporation, situated right at Bai Dai. Drawing inspiration from European cities, Grand World boasts exquisite and luxurious architectural style. Dubbed as the “city that never sleeps,” it operates 24/7 with a bustling array of entertainment and shopping activities. Notable attractions include the Legendary Bamboo Structure, the largest bamboo structure in Vietnam, the Teddy Bear Museum featuring giant teddy bears, a journey back in time with the Essence of Vietnam area, Gondola boat rides to admire the sunset on the Venice River, or marvel at the Spectacle of Venice show.

Bảo tàng Gấu Teddy

The An Thoi Archipelago

The An Thoi Archipelago in Phu Quoc is a cluster comprising over 18 large and small islands located in the southern part of the pearl island, within the Gulf of Thailand region. Possessing pristine beauty largely untouched by human impact, the sea at An Thoi is as blue as sapphire, while the sand is smooth and sparkling white under the sunlight. Harmonizing with the natural scenery creates a dreamlike beauty likened to a paradise in the earthly realm. Island canoe tours will take visitors to explore some of the most beautiful small islands within the An Thoi Archipelago.

The famous check-in point

Hai hoạt động không thể bỏ lỡ khi đến Phú Quốc là chụp bình minh tại Sunset Sanato và khám phá Chợ đêm Phú Quốc. Sunset Sanato cung cấp một điểm check-in độc đáo với cổng The Gate Keeper và các tác phẩm điêu khắc ven biển, cung cấp nhiều góc chụp đẹp mắt cho những bức ảnh xuất sắc và cơ hội để chụp những bức ảnh “triệu lượt thích” trước một phông nền sang trọng. Hòa mình vào không khí nhộn nhịp của Chợ đêm Phú Quốc để ngâm chân vào văn hóa và ẩm thực của hòn đảo ngọc.


The historical and cultural sightseeing spot

Not only renowned for its stunning island scenery, white sandy beaches, but Phu Quoc Island is also famous for its historical and spiritual sites, notably Coconut Tree Prison – a once notorious earthly hell or the second largest fish sauce production hub in Vietnam with a history spanning over 200 years. Additionally, it boasts pepper and pepper farms, and vast orchards producing various delicious products.




✅ Included:

Transportation New model vehicles with air conditioning, dedicated canoes throughout the journey
Meals Buffet breakfast and meals throughout the program
Sightseeing Nam Dao Canoe Tour

Grand World Sightseeing Tour

6 Southeastern Points Tour

Teambuilding Program – MC – Gala Dinner

Tour Guide Experienced tour guides providing commentary and service throughout the journey.
Other Services Bottled water

Travel insurance, maximum compensation: 20,000,000 VND/ guest/ trip.

❌ Not Included:

– Personal entertainment expenses, and out-of-program dining and laundry costs.
– Other third-party service charges
– VAT Tax

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