Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc review: 1 of the best sunset viewing locations on Pearl Island

Phu Quoc Travel Tips

Are you planning to travel to Phu Quoc? Surely you cannot miss Sunset Sanato, one of the hottest destinations today on Pearl Island. This place is not only a vacation destination combined with entertainment but also a “photo paradise” with sparkling shooting angles. Let’s refer to the Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc review in the following article!

sunset sanato phú quốc review

Sunset Sanato – The leading entertainment tourist destination in Phu Quoc

1. Introducing Sunset Sanato – A famous check-in location in Phu Quoc

Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc is a 4-star resort and villa located on the poetic Bai Truong of Phu Quoc. This place is famous for its pristine beaches, fine white sand, and emerald green sea. The resort has many high-end amenities and services.

1.1 Where is Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc located?

Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc is located in the northern area of ​​Bai Truong, in Duong Bao hamlet, Duong To commune, Phu Quoc. About 2.5km from Phu Quoc airport, equivalent to 9 minutes by car.

Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc is an entertainment complex located on a private beach with a total length of up to 400 meters including bars and food areas.

This famous tourist destination not only attracts the attention of domestic tourists but also international friends when coming to Phu Quoc. Located in the West, Sunset Sanato is one of the most beautiful sunset viewing spots on Pearl Island.

1.2 How to get to Sunset Sanato from Phu Quoc?

  • From Phu Quoc airport

From the airport, you turn right onto Phu Quoc Highway, go about 2.5km. Then, turn left onto DT 975 and continue about 500m. When you see the Sunset Sanato Resort & Villa sign, turn and continue into the resort. Sunset Sanato is located inside the resort.

Arriving at Phu Quoc airport, you only need to take another 10 minutes to take a taxi to Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc, where you can immediately enjoy the sea breeze on the beautiful long sandy beach.

  • From the center of Duong Dong

From Duong Dong Center, follow Tran Hung Dao Street to the south. Then, you turn left onto DT 975 and continue about 5km. When you see the Sunset Sanato Resort & Villa sign, turn and continue into the resort.

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2. What does Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc have?

2.1 Watch the brilliant sunset at Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc’s private beach

Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc‘s 1km long private beach is not only famous for its fine white sand and emerald green sea but is also an ideal destination to watch the brilliant sunset. This is one of the experiences not to be missed when coming to this classy resort.

Every afternoon, the sky here will glow with orange, red, and purple colors, creating an extremely impressive scene. The quiet beach, smooth white sand, and brilliant sunset are the perfect background for sparkling “virtual” check-in photos. Watching the sunset on the beach is a great way to relax after a long day of fun and exploration.

Enjoying the romantic sunset moment with your loved one will be an unforgettable memory in your Phu Quoc travel journey.

Ngắm hoàng hôn tại sunset sanato

Watching the sunset with your loved one (Photo: nhimsoc13)

2.2 Check-in at 5 classic coordinates that cannot be missed

  • The Gate Keeper

The symbol of Sunset Sanato with unique architecture simulates the gate of heaven, where you can keep artistic photos.

sống ảnh với the Gate Keeper

Check-in with The Gate Keeper (Photo: sunsetsanato.beachclub)

  • Bird nest

The wooden house has a unique design that simulates a giant bird’s nest in a tree, creating an impressive highlight for the resort.

Căn nhà gỗ có hình dạng giống tổ chim

The wooden house is shaped like a bird’s nest (Photo: Hoang Le)

  • Stairway to heaven

The stairs leading up high, like an endless staircase leading to heaven, create a romantic and poetic scene.

Nấc thang lên trời

Take photos with “Stairway to Heaven” (Photo: travelsehee)

  • Model at sea

Giant models of elephants and jellyfish lie on the beach, creating a unique highlight for the resort. You can freely get creative with impressive “virtual living” photos here.

canh hoang hon tai sunsetsanato
Các mô hình con sứa

Jellyfish models

2.2 Fun games on the beach

From experience going to Sunset Sanato, Rooty Trip believes that you cannot miss the exciting fun activities, especially sea sports for many people such as canoe parasailing, canoe pulling banana floats, and jet-skiing.

Game name Price list
Paragliding 1 person: 750,000 VND
2 people: 1,250,000 VND
Banana float 700,000 VND maximum for a group of 5 people
Jetski 10 minutes: 600,000 VND
20 minutes: 1,100,000 VND
60 minutes: 3.100.000 VNĐ

Note: Sunset Sanato’s entrance ticket price for outside guests (not staying at the resort) is 100,000 VND/guest, free for guests with ID cards in Phu Quoc.

trò chơi tại sunset sunato

Experience canoe paragliding at Sunset Sanato

tắm biển tại Sunset Sanato

Have fun swimming at Sunset Sanato (Photo: sunsetsanato.resort)

2.3 Luxurious rooms at Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc

Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc owns more than 400 rooms and 100 villas with modern and comfortable designs, providing visitors with a wonderful vacation space. All rooms have sea or pool views, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of nature right from the room. These include villas such as Sunset Sealine, Sunset Sea Star Villa, Sunset Seasand…etc

Biệt thự Sunset Sealine

Sunset Sealine Villa is the most luxurious villa area


  • Spacious area: Rooms at Sunset Sanato have spacious areas, from 35m² to 300m², suitable for all needs of travelers, from couples, families to groups of friends.
  • Modern design: Rooms are designed in a modern, luxurious style with high-class furniture and amenities.
  • Beautiful view: All rooms at Sunset Sanato have sea or pool views, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of nature right from the room.
  • Full amenities: Rooms are fully equipped with amenities such as: free wifi, flat screen TV, air conditioning, minibar, safe, hair dryer, etc.
  • Attentive service: Guests will enjoy attentive and professional service from the staff at Sunset Sanato
phòng ngủ của Sunset Starfish Villa

Sunset Starfish Villa 

phòng ngủ tại Sunset Seasand Villa

Sunset Seasand Villa has bedrooms built in an attic style

2.4 Other services at Sunset Sanato

Some outstanding services that receive many reviews from Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc include:

  • Saje Beauty & Spa: The spa offers body care treatments such as foot massage, full body massage, relaxing shampoo, and nail care.
  • The long stretch of beach at Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc Resort & Villas is an ideal location for weddings, celebrations, team building…
  • SunsetSanat Mini Mart convenience store: You can buy novelty souvenirs or essential items at affordable prices.
  • Spacious communal swimming pool for adults and children with an area of ​​800m2. You can also order Floating Breakfast – breakfast on a floating tray to enjoy and take thousands of virtual photos.
  • Sunset Sanato Beach Club also regularly organizes major music events and beach festivals featuring famous singers and DJs.
các dịch vụ khác tại Sunset Sanato

Big music event held at Sunset Sanato

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3. Where to eat and drink at Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc?

3.1 Sunset Sanato Beach Club Phu Quoc

Sunset Sanato Beach Club is the most famous amusement park on the pearl island of Phu Quoc but the price is extremely affordable. The entrance fee to Sunset Sanato Beach Club Phu Quoc is 100,000 VND/person, free check-in to locations, and does not include other services.

In addition to providing services based on ticket prices, Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc also provides a chain of restaurants and catering services with prices ranging from 100,000 – 300,000 VND for food and 50,000 – 100,000 VND for drinks.

kinh nghiệm đi sunset sanato

Sunset Sanato Beach Club Phu Quoc

3.2 Sunset Restaurant and Sunset Lounge

Sunset Restaurant serves buffet breakfasts as well as à la carte lunches and dinners. Possessing a sea view, taking advantage of natural light and whispering ocean waves, with the desire to bring the most gentle and comfortable experience to diners.

Sunset Restaurant can accommodate up to 1,000 guests serving buffet parties, anniversary parties, barbecue parties, and dinner parties…. In addition, the restaurant also serves a seafood BBQ buffet (party guests can buy tickets) for travel. Guests can enjoy the freshest dishes with carefully selected ingredients.

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Phu Quoc tour 3 days 2 nights to explore Southeast Phu Quoc Island

4. What other tourist attractions are near Sunset Sanato?

4.1 Bai Trưong

With charming scenery, Bai Truong Phu Quoc is not only a thriving place for marine tourism but also famous for pearl farming.

In addition, visitors can also participate in outdoor activities such as surfing, windsurfing, kayaking… Besides, this place also provides a diving experience service to explore below the ocean to admire the entire splendid beauty of Pearl Island.

Fresh seafood dishes are also one of the experiences you should not miss when coming to Bai Truong. The luxury restaurant chain helps you combine relaxation and enjoy specialties without having to travel too much. Enjoying delicious dishes in a luxurious space will definitely be an unforgettable memory with your loved ones.

Bãi Trường phú quốc

Bai Truong fascinates people with its blue sea and white sand

4.2 Phu Quoc Night Market

Phu Quoc night market lights up from 6:00 p.m. every day (although many stalls start selling at 3:00 p.m.), but is busiest from 8:00 p.m. onwards. Depending on the number of visitors, the market will close around 11 or 12 o’clock until midnight.

Phu Quoc Night Market is located along Duong Dong River so it is not too difficult to visit. Just go straight from the entrance to the end of the market and you will see more than 100 stalls with all kinds of goods.

Chợ đêm Phú Quốc

Phu Quoc Night Market – A place to explore cuisine near Sunset Sanato

In general, Phu Quoc night market includes two main areas.

  • Area 1, the first area of ​​the market: This is where food stalls gather including processed seafood, dried seafood, sim wine, fish sauce… that you can buy as souvenirs.
  • Area 2, at the end of the market: If you want to buy souvenirs, handicrafts, or pearls, you definitely cannot miss it.
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  • With the above Sunset Sanato Phu Quoc review and sharing, visitors have a better understanding of this interesting place. Rooty Trip is ready to be the perfect companion on your trip. Don’t hesitate to contact Rooty Trip to have a complete trip and the ideal travel experience!




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