4 Islands Phu Quoc tour reviews and tips


Phu Quoc is one of the names chosen as a beach resort destination, a paradise of surrounding islands and a convergence of the beauty of nature and the harmony of sea and sky. How can we most conveniently explore the full beauty of Phu Quoc’s islands? Rooty Trip shares 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour reviews and tips to help you have the most satisfactory trip.

kinh nghiệm đi tour 4 đảo phú quốc

4 Islands Phu Quoc tour review and tips with Rooty Trip

1. Introducing 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour 

Phu Quoc has long become a famous tourist destination in Vietnam, attracting many tourists both domestic and foreign. In addition to the beautiful scenery here, Phu Quoc also offers the beauty of vast and pure nature. Outstanding with large and small islands, this tourist destination is currently attracting many tourists to find out what the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour is.

4 Islands Phu Quoc Tour is a day tour to visit 4 small islands in Phu Quoc including Hon May Rut, Hon Thom, Hon Mong Tay, and Hon Gam Ghi.  Depending on the tour provider, the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour will have different starting and ending times. Normally, the 4-island tour will start at 8-9 am and end the tour at 4-6 pm the same day. At Rooty Trip, the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

2. The right time to join the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour

In most Phu Quoc 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour reviews, weather factors are mentioned. To have the most satisfactory and complete trip, you should learn about the most suitable time to go.

The weather in Phu Quoc will be divided into two distinct seasons: the rainy season (about May to October) and the dry season (about November to April of the following year). Therefore, the most ideal time for a 4 Islands tour is in the dry season. However, each month of the year, Phu Quoc also has some unique characteristics as follows:

  • January, and February: The weather is mild, cool during the day, and chilly at night, it can be said to be the most ideal time of the year. Although there is occasional rain, this is not significant. The beach is very beautiful on the west side of the island. However, tourists should be careful to limit travel during the Tet holidays to avoid overloaded and expensive services.
  • March and April: This is the most beautiful sunny time and produces many extremely artistic photos. This is also the month with the highest temperature, so you need to pay attention to sun protection measures. However, the stream will not be so beautiful at this time. If you don’t like crowded tourists, you should avoid going on the holiday of April 30 – May 1.
kinh nghiệm đi tour 4 đảo phú quốc

March is the time to create beautiful, sunny photos

  • May, June, July: Phu Quoc begins to enter the rainy season, but the rain is less and stops quickly. Sea stars are fewer and fewer in the Rach Vem area. The sea on the west side of the island began to swell, whereas, on the east side of the island, the sea was very calm.
  • August and September: The peak rainy month of Phu Quoc, with big waves and strong winds on the West Coast such as Long Beach and Truong Beach. Therefore, if you travel at this time, you need to pay attention to safety when swimming. To be safe, you should bathe on the East Coast like Bai Sao and Bai Khem. This month is very suitable for going to the stream, but you should also pay attention to the problem of slipping.
  • October: This is the time when the rainy and dry seasons change. Less rain, cooler weather. The sea starts out calm on the West coast and becomes more turbulent on the East coast.
  • November and December: Phu Quoc officially enters the dry season, the weather is beautiful, cool, and a bit cold at night. Sea stars are abundant in the Rach Vem and Ham Rong areas, very suitable for couples to take wedding photos.
tour thích hợp chụp ảnh cho các cặp đôi

The year-end Phu Quoc island tour is suitable for taking couple photos

Some small experiences for you before choosing to go on a 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour:

  • See the weather forecast to choose the day with the best weather to avoid storms.
  • Research information and arrange your itinerary accordingly because the beauty of some locations will change with the season or weather.
  • You can learn more at Rooty Trip – which has reasonable policies for tourists and completely free cancellation due to weather conditions.

3. What destinations does the 4 islands Phu Quoc tour include?

  • May Rut Trong Island: Here, visitors can check in at the bird’s nest, stairway to heaven, sun gate, ocean net bed,… This is also a famous place with clear blue water and a long wild beach. pristine and smooth white sand, enjoy “virtual living”.
Hòn mây rút trong - một trong những điểm đến của tour 4 đảo phú quốc

May Rut Trong Island with clear blue water

  • May Rut Ngoai Island: This is a famous place for fresh seafood restaurants and colorful SUP boats. You can lie down and take photos from above, as well as participate in sports activities at sea.

    Hòn mây rút ngoài - một trong những điểm đến của tour 4 đảo phú quốc

    Hon May Rut Ngoai possesses wild and rustic beauty

  • Gam Ghi (Dam Ngang) Island: This location is one of Phu Quoc’s scenic spots and is known as the coral kingdom. You will be equipped with a snorkel, diving goggles, swimming feet (fins), life jackets, etc. to snorkel and see corals, sea anemones, horizontal and vertical rocks, and colorful swimming fish.
Hòn gầm ghì- một trong những điểm đến của tour 4 đảo phú quốc

Hon Gam Ghi – Virtual living paradise on the Pearl Island

  • Mong Tay Island: Famous for its wooden bridge extending to the sea, below is clear turquoise water that makes you feel like the sea is very shallow and you can see the bottom.
Hòn móng tay - một trong những điểm đến của tour 4 đảo phú quốc

Mong Tay Island stands out with its turquoise water

  • Hon Thom Cable Car – Sun World Entertainment Complex: One of the most popular tourist attractions, experience the world’s longest sea-crossing cable car, see the beauty of the island from above, and participate in games at Sun Group’s Aquatopia Water Park.
đi cáp treo hòn thơm phú quốc

Experience the Hon Thom cable car

  • Coral Park: A place to cultivate more than 250 types of hard and soft corals and other marine species, creating a beautiful coral ecosystem. Investment has been made here to create an entertainment place on the ocean floor, ensuring you cannot take your eyes off this magnificent scene. Visitors can also experience the undersea walking service to see corals and ocean creatures.
lặn ngắm công viên san hô Namaste

Explore the ocean with Namaste Coral Park

  • Sunset Town: The most beautiful sunset viewing spot in Phu Quoc, where you can check in the most famous symbols of the island city such as flying elephants, flying jellyfish, stairway to heaven, sky gate, tree house, sky bridge ceramic,…
  • An Thoi Station: The most virtual check-in place when visiting the pearl island when recreating the “ancient Roman” architecture. This work is designed with ancient brick walls, curving domes, and statues of mighty and majestic warriors.

4. Special experience when participating in a 4 Island Phu Quoc tour by speedboat

Experience the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour, you can choose to go by speedboat or combine with cable car. For the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour, you will be able to go swimming, snorkeling, and watching coral on 4 famous islands by speedboat.

The concept of the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour by speedboat is diverse because the tour schedule arrangement of each travel company will be different. However, basically, the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour by speedboat goes to all the most famous places including Hon Mong Tay, Hon May Rut Trong or Hon May Rut Ngoai, and Dam Ngang Island.

When touring Phu Quoc’s 4 islands by speedboat, you can shorten the travel time (about 20 minutes from the port to the first island compared to more than 1 hour when traveling by wooden boat). Therefore, you have more time to have fun and enjoy fresh seafood meals on the island.

tham gia tour 4 đảo bằng cano

Island tour by speedboat

5. Interesting activities in the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour

  • Swimming, enjoying nature: You can immerse yourself in the beautiful nature here, and enjoy the vast air and islands of different sizes. In particular, you can freely check in “virtual life” at any angle with the sky, earth, and sea.
  • Diving to see coral: Phu Quoc is said to have many coral reefs with dense density from the coast to the sea. The corals here come in many different colors and attract many species of marine life. The water is clear and you can easily see their brilliant beauty.
hoạt động trong tour 4 đảo phú quốc

Diving to see coral to explore marine life

  • Seafood lunch: This is an equally interesting activity when you can prepare a hearty seafood party outdoors. Besides, you also have the opportunity to open your eyes by better understanding the lives of Phu Quoc fishermen.

6. Schedule to experience the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour

7:30: You will be picked up by the car at the hotel/resort/meeting point and start the 4-island tour of Phu Quoc.

8:00: Stop to visit Long Beach Center – Phu Quoc’s largest pearl display and entertainment center.

9:15: The car arrives at An Thoi port and you start the 4-island cable car canoe tour, discovering firsthand the beauty of the An Thoi archipelago in the south of Phu Quoc. Here, the tour guide will arrange seats and instruct you to wear life jackets to ensure your safety.

9:30 – 14:00: You are guided to explore small pristine islands such as Hon Mong Tay, Hon May Rut Trong, or May Rut Ngoai (depending on the weather, the tour will consider the location to experience the best). Here, you are free to swim, dive to see coral, check in virtually,…

After that, the tour will prepare lunch right on the island with 8 of the freshest dishes.

14:00 – 15:00: You have the opportunity to admire Phu Quoc’s brilliant coral ecosystem with two forms of experience: walking on the seabed or diving to see natural corals.

Coming to visit the coral park: You can freely experience diving to see corals, even if you are nearsighted or afraid of water, it is not a problem. The colorful coral world under the cool blue sea level but still breathing and walking like on land, is worth a try to experience and admire (Service cost is outside the tour cost).

Diving to see natural coral: You can freely swim and see the colorful coral world about 1m – 3m below sea level at Gam Ghi Island or Bom Island depending on weather conditions. You will also be provided with protective equipment such as diving goggles, anti-scratch sandals, safety regulations, etc.

Lịch trình của tour

Move to Hon Thom with shady coconut trees

15:00: Speedboat takes you to explore Hon Thom and have fun at Aquatopia water park.

There are interesting games for you to experience such as floating houses, banana floats, parachute pulling by canoe, and walking under the ocean. In particular, Aquatopia Water Park has the scale of the most modern games in Southeast Asia, divided into many unique check-in areas, many thrilling games such as Moc Xa Thinh No – a roller coaster with the first and only wooden rails in Vietnam, the Eagle Eye observatory, admires the entire beauty of Hon Thom with a height of 120m.

17:00: Experience the Hon Thom cable car on the journey from Hon Thom back to An Thoi, the entire sky of Southern Phu Quoc comes into view when traveling on the cable car with an estimated length of 7,899.9m, watching the romantic sunset. along the sea, visit and take photos of An Thoi station, and Mediterranean town.

17:30: Car and tour guide return to the hotel, ending the wonderful 4-island tour.

7. Necessary items when participating in the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour

According to Rooty Trip’s experience on the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour, don’t forget to bring some of the following necessary items for a complete trip:

  • Cake or bread: This is the food you can feed the fish when you come to Hon Gam, one of the tips you need to know when traveling here.
  • Phone or camera: Currently, most tour organizers have photography services, but to quickly capture beautiful moments like that, you should prepare to bring this item with you.
  • Electronic device protection bag: Use a waterproof bag to protect your electronic devices while on tour.
  • Sunscreen: Helps you soothe the harsh sunlight at sea.
  • Hats and sunglasses: These are both sun protection items and beauty tools for “virtual living”.
  • Towels, shampoo, shower gel, change of clothes.
  • Swimwear: Experience swimming and taking virtual photos.
  • Flip flops: Helps you move easily, conveniently, and quickly.
  • Maxi dresses, island travel clothes: Women should bring “virtual living” clothes like maxi dresses to create beautiful photos and videos.

8. Where to book tickets for the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour?

Nowadays, there are many tour organizers, but finding a reliable place that provides quality tours is something that every tourist wonders about. Coming to Rooty Trip Phu Quoc, you can be completely assured of the travel services here as this is the unit that has organized many 4 Islands Phu Quoc tours, with good brand recognition on social networking platforms.

đạt vé tour 4 đảo phú quốc uy tín tại rooty trip

Enjoy the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour with Rooty Trip Phu Quoc

Rooty Trip Phu Quoc has a team of enthusiastic and funny tour guides, ready to serve visitors with any request. In addition, the media team is also very enthusiastic to help you take the most beautiful and high-quality photos. Best of all, guests can cancel the tour completely free of charge if they encounter problems due to weather conditions.

Above are shared experiences of the 4 Islands Phu Quoc tour that you can refer to when planning a trip to Pearl Island. Hope you will have a wonderful journey and experience!




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