Top 7 most beautiful coral diving locations in Phu Quoc

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Coral diving is one of the greatest experiences when traveling to Phu Quoc. Under the clear blue water, a world of colorful corals with unique shapes awaits you. Next, let Rooty Trip bring you the top 7 hot places and experience Phu Quoc coral diving!

1. Gam Ghi Island

Besides the white sand and clear blue sea, Gam Ghi Island is known as the coral kingdom – One of the places you must take note of on your visit list. Turning your way into the middle of the sea at Gam Ghi Island, you seem to have just opened a beautiful and lively underwater world. Vibrant and multi-colored coral patches, fish, and other marine species create vibrant life on the seabed.

lặn ngắm san hô nam đảo phú quốc

Diving to see Phu Quoc coral is an extremely interesting experience

2. Hon Thom

Coming to Hon Thom, you will have the opportunity to explore some of the busiest amusement parks on Pearl Island. These include Sun World Hon Thom, experiencing the world’s longest 3-rope cable car across the sea… Especially when coming to this place, you cannot miss coral snorkeling.

Up to now, Hon Thom Phu Quoc still retains its wild character with rich biodiversity and colorful coral reefs hidden under cool water. Ky Lan Cape is the ideal destination for those who want to see coral at Hon Thom. The characteristic of Ky Lan Cape is the clear water surface that can be seen to the bottom, the shallow water level, just dive down about 1 meter and a beautiful and colorful coral scene will appear before your eyes.

địa điểm lặn ngắm san hô ở phú quốc- hòn thơm

Immersing yourself in the clear water and admiring the beauty of the coral reefs will be an enjoyable experience when you come to Hon Thom.

3. Namaste Coral Park

At Namaste Park, you will have two options: scuba diving or sea walking. These forms of diving are expensive in price, but worth it because they bring great experiences.

If you scuba dive, you will join experienced diving experts to immerse yourself in a wonderful underwater world, see diverse marine life, and enjoy the feeling of freedom and enchantment. As for sea walking, you are equipped with a swimsuit and helmet and are guided by diving experts to walk on the seabed, enjoying the beautiful scenery under the sea comfortably and safely.

Lặn ngắm san hô ở Công viên san hô Namaste

Sea walking: you are equipped with a swimsuit and helmet, and with a diving expert, you can comfortably and safely enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery

4. Ganh Dau

Ganh Dau Cape Phu Quoc is an extremely famous coral diving spot in Phu Quoc. With clear blue sea water and rich coral forests, this area will bring you beautiful sea views. You can see many types of colorful corals and tropical fish living in Ganh Dau.

lặn ngắm san hô gành dầu phú quốc

In addition to coral, you will also see many different types of fish in the Ganh Dau area

Kinh nghiệm lặn ngắm san hô ở Phú Quốc cùng Top 10 địa điểm cực hot

Under the clear blue water, the colorful and uniquely shaped coral world in Phu Quoc is waiting for you

5. Ocean Pearl Coral Park

Ocean Pearl Park located near May Rut Trong island is a professional diving center and a team of experienced guides to support tourists.

When diving to see coral at Ocean Pearl Park, you will discover the unique beauty of the undersea world. There are many different diving spots to explore the abundance of coral. You will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful sea landscape and experience exciting moments at Ocean Pearl.

San hô tại Ocean Pearl

At Ocean Pearl, you can participate in safe coral diving with a team of professional guides

6. Hon Roi

Hon Roi is a coral diving spot in the south of Phu Quoc island, famous for its clear blue and transparent sea water, creating great conditions for you to explore and enjoy every beauty under the sea. You will have the opportunity to interact directly with corals and other marine life. Seeing fish and other marine life creates an experience close to nature.

From shallow areas to deep coral reefs, Hon Roi offers visitors an attractive scuba diving environment where you can explore and enjoy the beauty of corals and marine ecosystems.

San hô ở Hòn Rỏi Phú Quốc

Seeing fish and other marine life at Hon Roi creates an experience close to nature

7. Doi Moi Island

Doi Moi Island has up to 17 unique types of hard and soft corals. The coral reefs at Doi Moi Island bring visitors a magical world like in a fairy tale. In particular, scuba diving activities to see coral here are not restricted by age. Even if you don’t know how to swim, with the help of a life jacket, diving goggles and a snorkel, you can still directly enjoy the colorful and lively beauty of the coral reefs under the sea.

San hô ở Bắc Đảo Phú Quốc

Not only famous as the top “sun hunting” place on the pearl island, Doi Moi Island is also a coral diving spot in Phu Quoc that is favored by many tourists.

2. Why should you try diving to see coral in Phu Quoc?

Diving experiences are no longer strange in island tourist destinations. However, according to many experienced believers, the journey to discover the mysterious beauty of the ocean at Pearl Island will definitely make you ecstatic and unforgettable.

Beautiful coral carpet in Phu Quoc

With an area of ​​up to 480 hectares, there are more than 360 types of hard coral and dozens of other soft coral species living, 152 types of fish, and 98 species of seaweed, creating a colorful picture.

Phu Quoc coral carpet has pristine beauty. The coral areas are intact and not much affected by humans, allowing visitors to enjoy the feeling of entering a magical world.

lặn biển ngắm san hô phú quốc

Phu Quoc coral carpet has a pristine beauty

Diverse coral diving locations in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc offers visitors unique and exciting diving experiences. Each area has its own terrain and characteristics, creating richness and appeal for scuba divers.

In the South, islands such as Hon Mot, Hon Thom, Hon May Rut, Hon Dam Ngoai, bring visitors poetic and lyrical scenes. In the North of the island, islands like Doi Moi bring a wild and majestic beauty.

lặn ngắm san hô tại phú quốc

Each area has its own terrain and characteristics, creating diversity and appeal for scuba divers

A series of exciting diving tours in Phu Quoc

Participating in these tours, visitors will not only have the opportunity to experience and explore the magical world of coral under the sea but also explore unique fishing villages, and pearl production places and enjoy a variety of attractive specialties. With a great combination of great scuba diving experience and local culture exploration in Phu Quoc, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an economical and memorable trip.

lặn ngắm san hô phú quốc ở đâu đẹp

Scuba diving is a sport that any young person visiting Phu Quoc wants to experience once

3. How much does snorkeling to see Phu Quoc coral cost?

Price will depend on different types of diving. The following are 3 types of diving that are popular with many tourists when visiting coral diving locations in Phu Quoc:

3.1. Snorkeling

Reference price: 280,000 – 400,000 VND/person (Including shuttle service and lunch on board)

Rooty Trip speedboat tour to 3 islands of Phu Quoc price: 800,000 VND/person (Including shuttle service, 8-course lunch on the boat, free photography, and drone recording)

Considered the most popular form of diving, Snorkeling gives visitors a great opportunity to explore the coral world under the sea. With the following equipment: a life jacket, diving goggles, and an underwater snorkel, you can dive into the cool water and see the beautiful “treasures” of the ocean.

The advantage of this form of scuba diving is that it is affordable and safe for tourists. However, it is suitable for diving close to shore, so the number of corals that can be explored will be limited. If you have diving experience and love adventurous challenges, you can choose deeper diving or remote diving for the best experience.

Snorkeling- Hình thức lặn biển mới lạ nhất hiện nay

Considered the most popular form of diving, Snorkeling offers visitors a great opportunity

3.2. Scuba diving

Reference price: 1,000,000 – 1,500,000 VND/person (Including shuttle service, scuba and lunch on board)

Scuba diving is one of the forms of diving that coral diving sites in Phu Quoc prepare for visitors to provide a wonderful and safe experience. Within about 30 minutes and at a depth of no more than 5 meters, you will be equipped with oxygen tanks and specialized diving equipment. This allows you to comfortably operate in the water environment, immersing yourself in a colorful undersea world. At the same time, enjoy the freedom of swimming without having to worry about colliding with coral reefs and sharp mussel rocks. This is a fascinating and stimulating experience for all visitors.

Trải nghiệm hấp dẫn mọi du khách

This is a fascinating and stimulating experience for all visitors.

3.3. Sea Walker

Reference price: 950,000 – 1,200,000 VND/person

A new form of diving has attracted a lot of attention from tourists at coral-seeing locations in Phu Quoc. Sea Walker is an experience full of excitement that everyone wants to try once. Although the price is slightly higher than other diving models, your experience promises to be truly worth it. The special hat is as transparent as an astronaut’s helmet, allowing you to breathe comfortably and leisurely wander around the ocean without worrying about getting your hair wet.

With this form of diving, you can immerse yourself in the rhythm of underwater life, exploring coral reefs and colorful fish more realistically. This service is especially suitable for tourists who cannot swim, ensuring you will have memorable and impressive moments.

lặn ngắm san hô phú quốc giá bao nhiêu

Sea Walker is an experience full of excitement that everyone wants to try once.

4. What should you pay attention to when diving to see coral in Phu Quoc?

Diving to see Phu Quoc’s coral reefs is an exciting experience, but it means you will dive to the deep sea bottom and endure great water pressure. Therefore, to have a safe and complete journey to explore the ocean, you should note the following things:

  • Absolutely do not dive when you are hungry. The “golden” time for the body to embark on a journey to explore the ocean is about 1 – 2 hours after eating.
  • Do not dive when your body is tired.
  • Equip diving equipment carefully to avoid incidents during the diving process.
  • Comply and follow the instructor’s safety instructions and requirements.
  • Do not arbitrarily dive without accompanying experts especially if you have no expertise or experience in scuba diving.
  • Do not scuba dive after using alcohol and stimulants.
  • Do not bring cameras or cell phones when diving into the sea. You can contact service centers to receive specialized support equipment if you need to record your underwater moments.
  • Be a civilized tourist, respecting the lives of natural creatures. Do not catch marine creatures or trample on coral reefs.

Those are the top 10 diving spots to see Phu Quoc coral and experiences when diving in Phu Quoc. Hopefully, Rooty Trip’s recent shares will help you gain more experience for your journey to explore the most beautiful island in Vietnam. Discover more Phu Quoc travel guides with Rooty Trip here.

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