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Phu Quoc Sunset Town is located at Ong Bon Cape, An Thoi ward, in the island’s southern region. This place is also known as Mediterranean Town belonging to the Sun Premier Village Primavera Project with a total area of ​​up to 39.3 hectares. This is the first and only Sun Group’s high-class resort real estate complex with a European Mediterranean style located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Let’s explore in detail the 12 lovely places in Phu Quoc Sunset Town with Rooty Trip in the article below!

check in Thị trấn Địa Trung Hải

Explore 12 fun places in Phu Quoc Sunset Town – The Sunset Town

The sequential list of 12 locations will help you not miss any place in the Sunset Town.

Location Price Opening hour
Venice Clock Tower Free Daily 8:30 – 19:45
Infinity swimming pool Free Daily 8:00 – 20:00
Roman Square – An Thoi Phu Quoc Station Free 24/7
Shophouse Sorento Free 24/7
Ceramic road Free 24/7
Pompeii ruins Free 24/7
Dragon Stairs Free 24/7
Gavi Arc de Triomphe Free 24/7
Pencil Tower Free 24/7
Sun Signature Gallery Museum Free Daily 8:30 – 19:45
Phu Quoc Kiss Bridge 100.000 – 200.000 VNĐ 24/7
Teatro Club Phu Quoc Many menus to choose from 24/7

1. Venice Clock Tower

Venice Clock Tower is located in the central area of ​​Central Village, Phu Quoc Sunset Town, on the right side of the Cable Car station to Hon Thom, right next to La Festa Phu Quoc hotel. From the central square, you can easily see the clock tower. The tower has a height of up to 75m. This tower is inspired by the St. Mark’s Campanile, the famous city of Venice, Italy

tháp đồng hồ tại địa trung hải phú quốc

Venice Clock Tower

The Venice Clock Tower in the Phu Quoc Sunset Town is the tallest clock tower in Vietnam. From the top of the tower, a majestic picture opens before your eyes, with images of the sunset town and the wonderful coastline of Phu Quoc, creating a peaceful and captivating scene. The space around the tower is filled with the pristine beauty of nature. From the top of the tower, you can observe the cable car cabins from An Thoi to Hon Thom Island.

One thing to note is that the clock tower is quite high. If you want to take a photo containing the entire frame of the tower, you should set the photo mode to 0.5 and take a photo from a distance before reaching the tower. Avoid going back and forth as it will waste your time.

2. Infinity swimming pool

The Infinity swimming pool is located right below the clock tower. This pool has a direct view of the sea, covering the entire Phu Quoc Sunset Town. From a distance, it looks like a transparent mirror extending to the horizon. Visitors coming here will be able to immerse themselves in the cool blue water and enjoy the feeling of floating with the clouds and sky, washing their souls so that all fatigue and sadness disappear. In particular, watching the sunset overlooking the sea is definitely an experience you cannot miss.

This infinity pool is also where many fashion shows take place, especially Fashion Voyage #3: Chasing The Sun. The fashion show has the participation of designers and many famous stars…

bể bơi vô cực địa trung hải phú quốc

Infinity swimming pool watching endless sea and sky (Photo: dep.com.vn)

3. Roman Square – An Thoi Phu Quoc Station

An Thoi Phu Quoc Station is located in the Roman square, next to the Venice clock tower. This is one of the extremely hot virtual check-in spots for young people that you should not miss. An Thoi station is mentioned with beautiful words such as majestic, unique, and ancient.

The overall architecture follows ancient Roman design, characterized by massive tiled walls, curving arches, and artful man-made ruins. Among them, it is impossible not to mention the giant warrior statues made from bronze, bringing a majestic and majestic feeling to the entire project.

Additionally, you can take photos with a cable car to Hon Thom Island. This Hon Thom cable car is recognized by the Guinness organization as the longest three-wire cable car in the world with a length of about 7,899.9m. This may be one of the most wonderful Phu Quoc tourist destinations.

quảng trường la mã phú quốc

Roman Square – An Thoi Phu Quoc Station

4. Shophouse Sorento

Shophouse Sorento, located near the Hon Thom cable car station, brings together 50 coastal shophouses with Mediterranean-inspired architecture. Originating from the wonderful Mediterranean Sea, this place is not only a busy shopping destination but also a source of inspiration from the natural beauty of the sea, sky, forests, and mountains.

Inspired by the love song “Comeback Sorento”, Shophouse Sorento is not only the most vibrant shopping space in this Mediterranean Town but also a vivid, beautiful picture of a coastal city wonder. With a red tile roof interspersed among green trees, Shophouse Sorento creates a poetic beauty on the hillside facing the deep ocean, like the bustling image of shops in Venice or Sorrento, Italy.

Visitors can enjoy the sunset at the world-famous cafe or walk on the “path of the gods” next to the blue beach.

Shophouse Sorento Địa Trung Hải

Sorento Shophouse – Phu Quoc Sunset Town

5. Ceramic road

The Ceramic road in Phu Quoc Sunset Town is a unique work of art located in the Central Village amenities area and is inspired by the ceramic road in Hanoi. However, this “remake” has a very new and youthful style instead of the ancient style like Hanoi.

This is a project in the category of Iconic Works of Phu Quoc 2021 voted by Sun Group based on its importance. The ceramic road is 1.5km long, and winding, leading visitors through many other Sunset Town photography locations such as from the Pompeii gate to the Sorrento subdivision center.

The ceramic road is paved with millions of colorful ceramic tiles, creating a giant picture with many motifs and images imbued with Mediterranean culture. Tourists taking photos here will feel like they are lost in a liberal arts museum.

con duong gom su phu quoc

Street art from the ceramic road (Photo: Sun Secret Valley)

6. Pompeii ruins – Phu Quoc Sunset Town

The Ceramic road will lead you from the Shophouse area to the ruins of Pompeii. Pompeii is an ancient Roman city buried by volcanic ash and this ancient ruin has been reproduced in Phu Quoc. The flourishing ancient city of Pompeii appears before your eyes with a realistic representation, with stone columns tens of meters high, fountains, and triumphal arches. This place is located just to the left of the An Thoi cable car area.

The prosperous ancient city of Pompeii has been recreated in the most authentic way with every stone block, paved road, and railing facing the sea. All have an ancient and unique European feel. This road is filled with color, surrounded by triumphal arches and fountains… making visitors feel like they are truly living in a miniature ancient Europe.

tàn tích Pompeii địa trung hải phú quốc

Simulation of Pompeii ruins in Phu Quoc Sunset Town

7. Take photos at the Dragon Stairs

Dragon Stairs is a photography location not to be missed in The Center Shophouse subdivision. This place is inspired by Lombard Street – an east-west street in San Francisco, California, USA. The staircase is designed to wind between two tall buildings and is decorated with colorful flowers and lights on both sides. The staircase has a total of 124 steps so it will be a gentle challenge for those who want to conquer the beautiful views at the top of the stairs.

Dragon Stairs promises to be an ideal destination for taking photos for those who want to take photos with the extremely long feeling of the winding stairs. With a convenient central location, Thang Rong also connects easily to the busy dining and shopping area, creating a special advantage for The CenterShophouse chain.

thang rồng phú quốc

Dragon Stairs -Extending the emotional levels of the Mediterranean region

8. Gavi Arc de Triomphe

When mentioning France, you will immediately think of the two most famous buildings in the world: the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. If the Arc de Triomphe in the capital of light is the venue for many important events, the “mini Arc de Triomphe” in Phu Quoc also brings together many high-class services. This is a destination not to be missed if you love festivals and exciting events.

Gavi Arc de Triomphe is located in the Mediterranean Sorrento Shophouse subdivision. You just need to go straight on the ceramic road to reach this location. The Arc de Triomphe is recreated vividly and quite realistically with a height of 10.5m and two steps leading visitors down to the square, where there is a fountain surrounded by colorful houses with bold beauty. of Mediterranean architecture.

du khách check in tại khải hoàn môn gavi

Gavi Arc de Triomphe

9. Pencil Tower

The Mediterranean Pencil Tower is a location inspired by the Pen Tower at Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi. This place is especially attractive to tourists because it is located right on the elevator line from An Thoi Station Area to the Central Village area.

At the top of the Pencil Tower, visitors are greeted by a wonderful view of the vast blue sea, along with enjoying the beautiful sloping paths between the Shophouse areas. The appeal of Pen Tower comes not only from the beautiful landscape but also from the convenience of its location, near An Thoi station, making it an ideal destination for couples and tourists.

tháp bút chì tại phú quốc

Phu Quoc’s famous Pencil Tower (Photo: Saostar)

A short video from Rooty Trip’s TikTok channel will help you better visualize this extremely chill area for virtual living:

@rootytrip.official A corner of the Mediterranean in Phu Quoc#phuquoc #rootytrip ♬ original sound – Rooty Trip Phú Quốc

10. Sun Signature Gallery art museum

Sun Signature Gallery art museum is located right in the Fountain Square area. This location was built by architectural wizard Bill Bensley – Top 5 leading architects in the world. This is a Mediterranean-style castle located at the gathering point of Phu Quoc – a top destination for tourists, right next to Dong Hoi Cable Car Station.

This project promises to be a destination not to be missed with the beauty of the intersection between classical and modern architecture. When you visit this place, you will have the opportunity to preserve the unique features of the Mid Century Modern art style of the mid-20th century.

Bảo tàng nghệ thuật Sun Signature Gallery

Phu Quoc art museum (Photo: Google Maps)

11. Phu Quoc Kiss Bridge

Phu Quoc Kiss Bridge is located on the west coast of the center of Sunset Town, from any high angle you can see the bridge. This is an artistic masterpiece, representing romance and love between couples, inspired by the legend of Niu Lang-Zhi Nu. The Kiss Bridge was started on May 13, 2021. From a distance, the bridge looks like a vast strip of silk across the sea.

When standing on the bridge, you can admire the entire majestic and beautiful natural scenery. This bridge carries many meanings of attachment and passionate love, promising to be a destination not to be missed by couples.

kiss bridge

Phu Quoc Kiss Bridge – Sunset Town art icon

12. Teatro Club Phu Quoc

Teatro Club Phu Quoc is a famous nightclub system. Splendid and luxurious club space with a modern orchestra and professional staff. Besides, this place attracts visitors thanks to its mysterious space, vibrant music, and many premium drinks.

With experience in organizing more than 4,000 major events, with the participation of many famous DJs around the globe, this Phu Quoc nightlife entertainment area is certainly indispensable for young people. This is the venue for many major fashion and music shows. Some entertainment activities in which you can participate when coming to Teatro Club include a beach party music event on Saturday weekends, culinary services at Teatro Restaurant Seafood Buffet, royal afternoon tea party,…

Teatro Club Phú Quốc

The best entertainment venue in Phu Quoc Sunset Town – Teatro Club

How to get to Phu Quoc Sunset Town

To get to Phu Quoc Sunset Town, visitors can choose a motorbike to enjoy the freedom of movement and explore every corner. This is not only flexible but also cost-effective. Below are detailed directions from 3 locations: Duong Dong – Phu Quoc Airport – An Thoi

  • Traveling from Duong Dong ward by car or motorbike will take about 42 minutes, equivalent to 29.7 km.

👉 Detailed directions:

Go along Hung Vuong/DT45 about 2.0 km to 30/4/DT47. Follow Tran Hung Dao Street 8.2 km to DT 975 at Duong To.

Then, go along DT 975 to Nguyen Van Cu/DT46 at An Thoi – Estimated about 19 minutes (16.2 km)

Turn right to Nguyen Van Cu/DT46 (Pass the KAITY NGUYEN SALON & SPA store on the right) and go about 700m. Continue on the Cable Car Road for 2.0 km and you will reach Sunset Town.

cách đi từ dương đông tới địa trung hải

Map from Duong Dong ward to Sunset Town (Photo: Google Maps)

👉 Detailed directions:

At Phu Quoc International Airport, you will join Phu Quoc Highway after traveling 1.0 km from the airport. Then,  you will follow this highway for about 2 km and you will reach DT 975. Here, the route will be the same as from Duong Dong.

Cách di chuyển từ sân bay tới địa trung hải

Map from the airport to Sunset Town (Photo: Google Maps)

  •  Traveling from An Thoi ward will only take 7-10 minutes, equivalent to 3.1 km, you just need to go to Nguyen Van Cu Street, then turn right at Cable Car road for 2 km to get there.

In general, this is the case if you are traveling in a small group and want to go to the Sunset Town by yourself. If traveling in a group, taxi or large passenger car services will be more convenient and suitable for large families and relatives with lots of luggage. Depart from An Thoi ward area to Sunset Town by motorbike, car, or taxi in about 10 minutes. If tourists want to experience local life and save money, using the bus is also an ideal choice.

5 best budget hotels in Phu Quoc Sunset Town

In Phu Quoc Sunset Town, you have many choices of accommodation. Rooty Trip suggests to you 5 cheap and best-rated hotels.


Price Rating Address


Triland Hotel 515.865 VNĐ/night 5/5* – 110 number of reviews No. 75 Positano Street, An Thoi 0976118711
EMOLIA Coffee-Tea & Mini Hotel 460.000 VNĐ/night 5/5* – 40 number of reviews POS81 Sun Premier Village Urban Area, Primavera Group 10, Quarter 6 0849999700
Emerald Boutique Hotel Phu Quoc 529.399 VNĐ/might 4.9/5* – 15 number of reviews No. 54 Venice Street, An Thoi 0906689036
Nature Hotel Phu Quoc 1.800.000 VNĐ/night 4.8/5* – 21 number of reviews M203 Milan Road – Sunset Town, An Thoi 0913573957
ROVA105 HOTEL 296.751 VNĐ/night 4.5/5* – 5 number of reviews Premier Villa, 105, Venice Street, Quarter 6, Group 10 0828606886

What to eat in Phu Quoc Sunset Town?

Because of the unique combination of European style and the richness of Vietnamese seafood, the cuisine in Phu Quoc Sunset Town is diverse and unique. Here, you can enjoy a variety of dishes from Asia to Europe, including:

  • Seafood: Due to its coastal location, Phu Quoc Sunset Town offers an extensive seafood menu, including lobster, corbicula clams, crabs, snail crabs, grouper, snail crab to grouper prepared in many styles such as steaming, grilling, and marinating.
  • Grilled meat: The most typical grilled meat dish of Phu Quoc Sunset Town is Japanese Wagyu beef, marinated in a rich sauce and fragrantly grilled.
  • Pizza: Especially famous for pizza prepared by the best Italian chefs, using premium flour and a variety of fillings, baked in high-temperature ovens.
  • Croissant: A favorite dish of food lovers, Croissant in Phu Quoc Sunset Town is made from flour, and fresh Australian butter, and covered with cheese and creamy butter flavor.
  • Cocktails: Signature cocktails are indispensable, combining a variety of wines, fruits, and herbs, adding flavor to meals and a more wonderful relaxing experience.
ăn gì tại địa trung hải phú quốc

Phu Quoc Sunset Town dishes from Asia to Europe

Diners coming to Phu Quoc Sunset Town will have the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful culinary experiences at nearby restaurants such as RuNam Phu Quoc, Sorrento Restaurant & Bar, Lagoon Sunset Italiaano Boutique, DRAFT BEER Sunset Town Phu Quoc or Green Tree Buffet SeaFood. These are all restaurants that are highly rated for the quality of their food and service.

nhà hàng ngon tại Địa Trung Hải

Restaurants at Phu Quoc Sunset Town

Thus, Rooty Trip has provided you with photography locations not to be missed if you have the opportunity to visit Phu Quoc Sunset Town. We hope the above article will help you have a wonderful trip to Phu Quoc. If you want to learn about high-quality Phu Quoc tours, don’t forget to immediately contact Rooty Trip for advice and full answers to your questions.



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Combining relaxation and exploration

Diverse experiences

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