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One-day Grand World sightseeing tour


One-day Grand World sightseeing tour


2:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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Pick-up point: Pick-up service on request

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Policy: Deposit required, free cancellation up to 1 day before

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Outstanding experiences: Free-style tour Boat ride on the Venice river, enjoy the "Colors of Venice" show, capture beautiful images + clips as mementos, dinner featuring Phu Quoc specialty "bun quay" at Kien Xay.

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Exclusive Deal: Complimentary shuttle service at Vinpearl and hotels in Ông Lang. Free Flycam and digital camera photography. Professional post-processing included.

Grand World Phu Quoc seems ordinary but turns out extraordinary. The Grand World 1-day tour will take you to explore the sleepless city, immerse yourself in the European land amidst the Pearl Island atmosphere with vibrant festival vibes and various experiences:

  • Explore a miniature Europe, the city of Venice amidst the Pearl Island
  • Admire the legendary Bamboo Legend bamboo architecture
  • Experience the Essence of Ancient Vietnamese Culture
  • Enjoy sunset on the Venice river with Gondola boat
  • Indulge in the “Colors of Venice” peak show
  • Dine on Phu Quoc specialties. Free professional photoshoot with the team.

Let’s experience the Grand World Tour with Rooty Trip.

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Grand World 1-day Sightseeing Tour
Grand World 1-day Sightseeing Tour



🕗 2:00 pm: Pick-up service available from your hotel, resort, or designated meeting point.

HDV Rootytrip captures photos for tourists at Grand World Phu Quoc – Photo source Rootytrip

🕗 3:00 pm: Arrive at Grand World and embark on the journey to explore the “City That Never Sleeps” with its famous landmarks:

Teddy Bear Museum: Check-in at the giant donut-shaped house (self-pay required for museum entry).

The tourist checks in at the Teddy Bear House in Grand World Phu Quoc

Bridge with Arched Roof: Capture the essence of Europe’s beauty while standing on the bridge.

Admire the full beauty of the “Western sky” of Vietnam from the Arch Bridge at Grand World Phu Quoc

Bamboo Legend House: Admire outstanding Vietnamese architectural craftsmanship.

The tourists checked in at Nhà Tre in Grand World Phú Quốc – Photo source Rootytrip Phú Quốc

🕗 4:15 pm: Experience the vibrant essence of ancient Vietnamese culture through a series of lively minishows.

🕗 5:00 pm: Take a leisurely ride on a Gondola along the canals of Venice to admire the sunset.

Tourists enjoying Gondola rides on the Venice River at Grand World Phu Quoc – Photo source: Rootytrip

🕗 5:30 pm: Explore the bustling atmosphere of Grand World by electric cart.

Visitors check in at night on the bridge at Grand World Phu Quoc – Photo source Rootytrip

🕗 6:00 pm: Enjoy dinner with the specialty dish of “Bun Quay” and free time for leisure activities, or attend the “Essence of Vietnam” show (cost at your own expense).

🕗 9:00 pm: Enjoy beverages, admire the Grand World at night, and watch the “Venice Colors” water music show.

Enjoy the romantic Water Music Show “Venice Dance” at Grand World Phu Quoc.

🕗 10:00 pm: The vehicle will transport you back to your hotel, concluding the exciting journey.



Bamboo Legend Legend Project

Going on the Grand World tour with Rooty Trip, you will be able to check-in to the unique Legend of Bamboo in Vietnam. Designed by famous architect Vo Trong Nghia, with unique architecture, the most complex structure, made entirely from bamboo and shaped like lotus flowers, unique bronze drums, Bamboo Legend bamboo house with unique architecture. The ancient citadel structure “Essence of Vietnam” is 11,200 square meters wide, forming a series of unique Vietnamese cultural symbols, and is the largest bamboo house project in Vietnam.

The Essence of Vietnam show

The “Essence of Vietnam” area is designed with 21 ancient houses in the traditional Vietnamese style. On both sides of the walkway are rows of ancient houses reconstructing traditional craft villages “colored by time” with national characteristics such as: Vietnamese pottery, Co chi quan (paper folding), Vietnamese hats, Vietnamese pho, and pedestrian walking. shops, water puppets, ao dai, Vietnamese booths… In particular, when enjoying the mini show recreating Vietnamese customs and traditions, tourists can calm down or burst into emotions with the spectacular music night. elaborate costumes, sound, and lighting with the theme “Essence of Vietnam”.

Colors of Venice show

Invested at 4.2 million USD, Colors of Venice is one of the most expensive water shows today. The real-life show seems to bring a prosperous and poetic Europe to the middle of Phu Quoc, with vibrant colors from 3D mapping technology combining sets, LED costumes and seductive choreography. The largest multi-media landscape art show on water in Vietnam is inspired by the quintessence of European culture. We guarantee that the Colors of Venice show will completely satisfy your eyes with the harmony between sound and light along with the skillful dance performances of the dancers.

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What does the tour include?

  • Hotel shuttle (Free from Bai Truong area to North Island).
  • Tour guide throughout the journey
  • Mineral water in the car
  • Take photos with a digital camera.
  • Gondola cruise ticket
  • Have dinner with noodle soup
  • Tram for sightseeing
  • Drinks to watch the Colors of Venice show


Children under 1m get free tickets. Children from 1m to 1m39 are charged child tickets. Children over 1m4 are counted as adults.

Please notify us if there is a member of the group who is vegetarian or allergic to seafood.
The schedule may change based on weather conditions to ensure the best experience for guests.

***Private tours can design schedules according to customer requirements.

*Summary schedule, press & hold to save

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Children(1m đến 1m4)

đ 800,000


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