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Tour Phú Quốc trong ngày là hành trình tham quan, trải nghiệm và khám phá Phú Quốc chỉ trong 1 ngày. Tour Phú Quốc trong ngày thường khởi hành sớm nhất vào 7 giờ 30 phút sáng đến các điểm tham quan trong chương trình, và kết thúc lúc muộn nhất lúc 22 giờ đêm.

Tour Phú Quốc trong ngày được chia thành 2 loại chính: Tour tham quan đảo và tour tham quan trên bộ rất đa dạng lịch trình. Rooty Trip hiện có 7 tour Phú Quốc trong ngày linh hoạt thời gian khởi hành và các điểm tham quan để quý khách hàng có nhiều sự lựa chọn hơn trong chuyến khám phá Đảo Ngọc Phú Quốc.

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Cano Fishing and Coral Diving Tour: Experience Being a Fisherman

Diving coral reef speedboat tours: Experience the life of a fisherman

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One day

Type of tour: Private tour

Target audience: Family, group of friends.

Explore: South of the Island

Tour du lịch Phú Quốc của Rootytrip

Top 5 Hottest Beach Tours in the Southern Islands: Romantic Proposal Spots, Exciting VUIFest Night Market

đ 600,000

đ 550,000

2:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Sao Beach offers a gentle and enjoyable playground for children

The exceptional spiritual tourism experience

Experience the Mediterranean to the fullest

tour phu quoc 3n2d tron goi cho nguoi lan dau di phu quoc 3

Comprehensive 3-day-2-night tour for first-time visitors to Phu Quoc

đ 3,490,000

đ 2,500,000

3 stars

The 3-star resort is located right in the city center.

Diverse experiences, joyful journeys from the North to the South islands.

The schedule is reasonable, and the price is always good

Explore Hon Thom with our Canoe Experience Tour


đ 900,000

đ 800,000

8:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Fewer islands, buffet lunch

The playtime at Hon Thom is longer

Suitable for families, small children

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đ 1,300,000

đ 1,200,000

8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Less islands, buffet lunch

The leisure time spent on Hòn Thơm Island is longer

Suitable for families and young children

tour phu quoc 4 ngay 3 dem 5 sao 6

Phu Quoc 4-day 3-night 5-star resort tour


4 days 3 nights

Departure: At the customer's location.

Target audience: Family, group of friends

Type of tour: Private tour

tour phu quoc 3 ngay 2 dem resort 4 sao 4

Phu Quoc 3 Days 2 Nights Tour: All-Inclusive 4-Star Resort Package


3 Days 2 Nights

Departure: Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh City

Target audience: Family, group of friends

Tour type: Private tour

tour ha noi phu quoc e1692693372272

4 days 3 nights Phu Quoc tour package departing from Hanoi


4Days 3Nights

Departure: Hanoi

Target audience: Family, group of friends

Tour type: Private tour

tour sai gon phu quoc 4 ngay 3 dem e1692694024220

Phú Quốc 4-day-3-night package tour departing from Ho Chi Minh City


4Days 3Nights

Departure: Sai Gon

Tour type: Private tour

Target audience: Family, group of friends

Rooty Trip offers 07 Phu Quoc daily tours with full of exciting destinations from North to South of Phu Quoc. Although compacted into 1 day, it’s enough for you to explore the beauty of Pearl Island Phu Quoc, as well as enjoy activities like swimming, snorkeling, fishing…

Introducing various daily tours in Phu Quoc

Introducing various Phu Quoc daily tours

List of 7 Phu Quoc daily tours

  • 3 most beautiful small island speedboat tour in Phu Quoc: Explore 03 small islands in the An Thoi archipelago by speedboat, including Hon Mong Tay, Hon May Rut, Hon Gam Ghi.
  • 4 island speedboat tour and Hon Thom cable car: Visitors will visit 04 islands Hon Mong Tay, Hon May Rut, Hon Gam Ghi, Hon Thom and experience the sea-crossing cable car.
  • Grand World City That Never Sleeps tour: Get lost in Europe in the heart of Pearl Island with magnificent buildings symbolizing the era. Additionally, you can also “rock out” with spectacular shows at Grand World like “Venice Colors” or “Vietnamese Essence”.
  • Visit 6 famous spots in Southeast Phu Quoc tour: A gentle daily tour with prominent landmarks in the Southeast of the Pearl Island.
  • Bai Sao and Hon Thom Buffet Cable Car Tour: Visit the most beautiful beach in Phu Quoc and experience the sky cruising with the 3-sea cable car at Hon Thom.
  • Rach Vem Discovery of Northern Wild Island Tour: Check-in the pristine fishing village with beautiful blue sea, white sand.
  • Speedboat Island Cable Car and Buffet Hon Thom Tour: Explore the beautiful island paradise at Hon Thom by speedboat and sea-crossing cable car.

Overview of destinations in Phu Quoc daily tour

Southern Island Area

Southern Phu Quoc Island boasts breathtaking landscapes. Surrounding this area are numerous beautiful beaches and modern entertainment venues, making Vietnam’s tourism proud to the world. Among them, the 3-cable car at Hon Thom is currently the longest sea-crossing cable car line globally. Let’s explore some prominent destinations on a 1-day Phu Quoc tour:

  • Hon May Rut: Outstanding for its longest and most beautiful beach among the visited islands, with smooth white sand beaches without underwater rocks, suitable for families with small children. On this island, there is also a cool bar where you can enjoy cold coconut while gazing at the fresh blue sea.
  • Hon Mong Tay: Known as the Maldives of Vietnam. Few places possess such pristine beauty that can captivate people’s hearts. The long bridge leading to the sea is one of the trendy check-in spots favored by young people.
  • Bai Sao: Completely embraced by two mountain ranges running close to the sea, Bai Sao has a fresh, cool climate. This beach is a worthy choice for an unforgettable summer vacation.
  • Hon Thom: Known as “Paradise Island” and invested by Sun Group, Hon Thom boasts the most modern Water Park in Southeast Asia and the longest sea-crossing cable car, along with exciting games like Wooden Roller Coaster and Eagle Eye, providing tourists with unforgettable experiences.
  • In addition, tourists also visit many famous landmarks such as: An Thoi Station, Mediterranean Town, Phu Quoc Prison, Ho Quoc Pagoda, Traditional fish sauce production house,…
The beauty of the islands in the southern part of Phu Quoc

The beauty of the islands in the southern part of Phu Quoc

Destinations in Northern Island Area

Northern Phu Quoc Island is a land rich in natural beauty, yet still a “rough gem” that has not been extensively explored. This place features pristine forests and stretches of romantic beaches. Although not as bustling as the South, this place still has its own unique charm with the interplay of mountains and sea. Some prominent destinations when going on a 1-day Phu Quoc tour in the Northern Island include:

  • Rach Vem Fishing Village: Here, you can immerse yourself in the beautiful and peaceful scenery, discover the simple life of fishermen in the village. The sea here is not deep, making it very safe for tourists to swim comfortably or admire the starfish during the season.
  • Bai Dai: Bai Dai is nestled against pristine forests, ensuring a consistently warm climate. Here, you can freely stroll along the cool beach, breathe in the gentle climate, and engage in activities like snorkeling or kayaking…
  • Phu Quoc National Park: This is an essential ecological tourism destination when mentioning Phu Quoc Pearl Island. Phu Quoc National Park boasts a rich vegetation carpet, combining both sea and mountains with streams and waterfalls, guaranteeing unforgettable experiences for tourists.
  • Ganh Dau Cape: This destination, still quite pristine and little-known, possesses a different majestic beauty. Ganh Dau Cape is only 4km away from Cambodia by sea, offering distant views across the border. Additionally, the diverse rock formations protruding into the sea make for beautiful photo spots.
Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National Park

How to book Phu Quoc daily tours

Rooty Trip always provides comprehensive, transparent, and accurate information on the website to help tourists gather enough data for research before the trip and plan their itinerary. Once you have fully researched the information about the Phu Quoc daily tours available, select your preferred itinerary, suitable for individuals or groups traveling together. To book Phu Quoc daily tours, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the link Rooty Trip Phu Quoc daily tour, and choose the tour you prefer
  • Step 2: Scroll down to the “Service packages” section => Select the tour date, service package type, and number of participants
  • Step 3: Click on the “Consult” button and provide your personal information, including Name, Phone number, and preferred contact method. Click the “Send now” button to submit your registration details
  • Step 4: Within 24 hours, Rooty Trip’s customer service team will contact you to offer guidance, answer any questions, and assist with the next steps to complete the pre-booking process

Why book Phu Quoc tours with Rooty Trip?

Booking tours through a travel company ensures meticulous support, following a predefined schedule, thereby reducing many potential risks.
As a specialist in providing Phu Quoc tours for 6 years, Rooty Trip fully understands the beauty spots and bustling entertainment venues. When booking Phu Quoc tours with Rooty Trip, you’ll enjoy the following advantages:

  • Diverse tour programs, ranging from short day trips to multi-day excursions, and all-inclusive packages to meet various tourist needs
  • Discounted tour prices with attractive discount programs for customers booking in large groups
  • Fast and convenient tour booking procedures; simply register your information and receive full support with advice and ticket delivery to your location
  • Support for various payment methods to ensure the utmost convenience for customers
  • Flexible ticket exchange policy and enthusiastic support in unforeseen circumstances
  • Understanding and timely support in addressing customer issues

Phu Quoc daily tours offer a wonderful experience that you should not miss when visiting the Pearl Island. Visit Rooty Trip’s Phu Quoc daily tour to choose the most suitable tour!

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